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Tech Digest Vol.32 Num.1 Cover

APL Research and Development
Volume 32, Number 1 (2013)

This issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest covers a range of scientific, engineering, and technical topics. The first two articles involve time and timing: the APL Time and Frequency Laboratory and the effects of relativity on spacecraft timekeeping. Two more articles concentrate on high velocities: scramjet inlet design and active flow control for supersonic conditions. The next two articles describe model-based conceptual systems engineering and the development of testing methods for modular spacecraft instrumentation. Next is an introduction to the characterization of chemical and biological threat agents. The issue concludes with a description of the current winners of APL Achievement Awards and Prizes.

A Decade in Time: The Advancement of the APL Time and Frequency Laboratory

Mihran Miranian, Richard A. Dragonette, and Gregory L. Weaver

A Practical Application of Relativity to Observation and Control of MESSENGER Timekeeping

Stanley B. Cooper

Air Force Research Laboratory Robust Scramjet Program: Validation of Truncation Philosophy for 3-D Scramjet Inlets

Trent M. Taylor, Thomas D. Wolf, Ronald R. Springer, and Stephen M. D'Alessio

Development and Application of the SparkJet Actuator for High-Speed Flow Control

Sarah H. Popkin, Trent M. Taylor, and Bohdan Z. Cybyk

Model-Based Systems Engineering in Support of Complex Systems Development

J. Stephen Topper and Nathaniel C. Horner

Reimagining Test Bed Development for "Build-to-Print" Modular Electronics Designs

Kyle T. Weber, Sarah E. Bucior, and Tim Miralles

Integrated Approach for Identifying the Molecular, Cellular, and Host Responses to Chemical Insults

Audrey E. Fischer, Emily P. English, Julia B. Patrone, Kathlyn Santos, Jody B. G. Proescher, Rachel S. Quizon, Kelly A. Van Houten, Robert S. Pilato, Eric J. Van Gieson, and Lucy M. Carruth


APL Achievement Awards and Prizes

Linda L. Maier-Tyler

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary