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Tech Digest Vol.31 Num.4 Cover

Biomedicine at APL
Volume 31, Number 4 (2013)

This issue of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest is the second of two issues devoted to biomedical science and technologies being pursued by APL's Research and Exploratory Development Business Area. The Revolutionizing Prosthetics program has been a model for integrating scientific research and advanced development across an expansive multidisciplinary and multiorganizational team. This proven capability has led to significant advances in many areas, including applied neuroscience, dexterous robotics, injury mitigation systems, patient-centered care, explosive ordnance disposal robotics, and systems engineering for improved patient safety. With extraordinary advances in genetics, molecular biology, cognitive science, bioinformatics, and biomaterials, the Laboratory will continue to address emerging challenges of national and global significance that will likely be the subject of future issues.

Biomedicine at APL: Guest Editor's Introduction

John D. Bigelow

Biomechanics and Injury Mitigation Systems Program: An Overview of Human Models for Assessing Injury Risk in Blast, Ballistic, and Transportation Impact Scenarios

Andrew C. Merkle, Catherine M. Carneal, Ian D. Wing, Alexis C. Wickwire, Jeffrey M. Paulson, Kyle A. Ott, Emily E. Ward, Timothy P. Harrigan, Jack C. Roberts, Bliss G. Carkhuff, and Trent M. Taylor

Military-Relevant Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Pressing Research Challenge

Ibolja Cernak

Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care

John H. Benson, William A. Irizarry-Cruz, Jerrold E. Dietz, Jorge A. Aviles, Christian D. Reid, M. Shane Stephens, and Kristen N. Steinman

Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat (JTAPIC) Program

Russell Paul Cain, Thomas E. Johnson, and M. Steve Rountree

Human Capabilities Projection: Dexterous Robotic Telemanipulation with Haptic Feedback

Matthew S. Johannes, Robert S. Armiger, Michael J. Zeher, Matthew V. Kozlowski, John D. Bigelow, and Stuart D. Harshbarger

Advancing Information Superiority Through Applied Neuroscience

R. Jacob Vogelstein

Implementing Genome-Informed Personalized Medicine in the U.S. Air Force Medical Service via the Patient-Centered Precision Care Research (PC2-Z) Program

Christopher E. Bradburne, Lucy M. Carruth, Jeffrey S. Lin, Ashok Sivakumar, John H. Benson, and Ruth A. Vogel

Enabling Closed-Loop Control of the Modular Prosthetic Limb Through Haptic Feedback

Robert S. Armiger, Francesco V. Tenore, Kapil D. Katyal, Matthew S. Johannes, Alexander Makhlin, Mandy L. Natter, J. Edward Colgate, Sliman J. Bensmaia, and R. Jacob Vogelstein

Systems Approach and Systems Engineering Applied to Health Care: Improving Patient Safety and Health Care Delivery

Alan D. Ravitz, Adam Sapirstein, Julius C. Pham, and Peter A. Doyle

Revolutionizing Prosthetics—Phase 3

Alan D. Ravitz, Michael P. McLoughlin, James D. Beaty, Francesco V. Tenore, Matthew S. Johannes, Scott A. Swetz, John B. Helder, Kapil D. Katyal, Matthew P. Para, Kenneth M. Fischer, Timothy C. Gion, and Brock A. Wester

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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