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Tech Digest Vol.3 Num.3 Cover

Personal Computer Aid for the Handicapped
Volume 3, Number 3 (July–September 1982)

Personal Computing to Aid the Handicapped — The Johns Hopkins First National Search: An Introduction

P. L. Hazan

Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf

H. Levitt

Lip-Reader Trainer

R. L. Hight

"Think It Through": An Interactive Videodisc for the Hearing Impaired

C. G. Stone, G. C. Nugent

Microcomputer Augmentative Communication Devices

J. T. Cohn

A Low-Cost Communication System for the Nonvocal Severely Physically Handicapped

H. F. Batie

We Help More

S. Jackson, J. M. Simmons, T. Wedig

The EyeTracker Communication System

M. B. Friedman, G. Kiliany, M. Dzmura, D. Anderson

Computer Programs for Cognitive Rehabilitation: Personal Computing for Brain Injured Persons

R. Gianutsos, C. Klitzner

The Motor-Handicapped Support System

R. O. Launey III

Adapting Personal Computers for Blind and Speech-Handicapped Users

P. B. Maggs

A Braille Word-Processing System

R. E. Stepp III

From Concept to Client: Getting the Product to the User

S. Koslov

Regional Winning Entries in The Johns Hopkins First National Search on Personal Computing to Aid the Handicapped


The Future of Urban Transportation

R. A. Makofski

Ultrasonics as an Alternative to Chlorine for Inhibiting Biofouling

R. J. Taylor, L. B. Richardson


Fourth European Communities Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference: A Trip Report

C. Feldman


Publications, Presentations, and the Authors

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