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Tech Digest Vol.3 Num.2 Cover

The Talos Missile
Volume 3, Number 2 (April–June 1982)


W. G. Berl

Guest Editor's Introduction

F. A. Dean

Talos in Retrospect

W. H. Goss

Evolution of the Talos Missile

W. Garten, Jr., F. A. Dean

The Unified Talos

F. A. Dean

The Talos Propulsion System

W. B. Shippen, W. G. Berl, W. Garten, Jr., E. J. Hardgrave, Jr.

The Talos Booster Rockets

W. H. Avery

Talos Aerodynamics

L. L. Cronvich

The Talos Guidance System

J. Gulick, W. C. Hyatt, O. M. Martin, Jr.

The Talos Control System

F. C. Paddison

The Talos Continuous-Rod Warhead

C. R. Brown, C. F. Meyer

Talos Flight Test Facilities

The Talos Land System

The Talos Ship System

E. D. Robinson

The Talos Shipboard Test Program

D. D. A. Gray

Operational Lessons Learned

RADM W. E. Meyer, CAPT R. W. Anderson

Annotated Bumblebee Initial Report

W. G. Berl


A Post-Voyager View of Saturn's Environment

S. M. Krimigis

Combat Casualty Care: Can Technology Help?

S. Koslov


In Memoriam: Merle Antony Tuve

Publications, Presentations, and the Authors

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Game-Changing Impact

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