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Tech Digest Vol.3 Num.1 Cover

Ocean Science
Volume 3, Number 1 (January–March 1982)

Guest Editor's Introduction

G. L. Smith

Airborne Radiometric Measurements of Sea Surface Temperature

R. F. Gasparovic, K. Peacock, L. D. Tubbs

Vortex Trails in Stratified Fluids

H.-P. Pao, R. Y. Lai, D. E. Schemm

The Separation of Oceanic Temperature Finestructure and Internal Motion

M. W. Roth

Characteristics of Thermal Microstructure in the Ocean

S. A. Mack, D. C. Wenstrand, J. Calman, R. C. Burkhardt

Evolution of a Vertically Distributed Passive Scalar in the Seasonal Thermocline

L. J. Crawford, D. P. Vasholz, J. W. Giles, Jr., C. J. Gundersdorf

Simulation of Oceanographic Processes in the Hydrodynamics Research Laboratory

A. Brandt, D. A. Hurdis

WAVDYN: Measurements of the Independence of Ocean Wind Waves

G. B. Irani, B. L. Gotwols

Oceanographic ELF Electromagnetic Investigations at APL

H. W. Ko, J. A. Giannini, P. A. Herchenroeder

Comparison of Three Acoustic Transmission Loss Models with Experimental Data

C. A. Boyles, G. W. Joice


Astronomy, Astrology, Ptolemy, and Us

R. R. Newton

World Endurance Record for Radio-Controlled Aeromodels

M. L. Hill

U.S./USSR Cooperative Agreement on Housing and Other Construction: Building Fire Safety

B. W. Kuvshinoff


In Memoriam: Richard Brandon Kershner

R. E. Gibson

Publications, Presentations, and the Authors

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