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Tech Digest Vol.28 Num.3 Cover

APL Collaborations Within JHU
Volume 28, Number 3 (2010)

APL’s collaborations with other divisions of The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) have been ongoing for years, and this leveraging of the full technological and analytical expertise of the JHU enterprise has yielded many exciting and mutually beneficial projects and advancements. This issue of the Technical Digest features short articles showcasing the breadth and depth of the research, development, and technology that has resulted from these cross-divisional collaborations.

Editorial: APL Collaborations Within The Johns Hopkins University

David M. Silver


Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009: Dexterous Control of an Upper-Limb Neuroprosthesis

M. Bridges, J. Beaty, F. Tenore, M. Para, M. Mashner, V. Aggarwal, S. Acharya, G. Singhal, and N. Thakor

Advanced, Multiple-Projection, Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry System: Precision Bone Loss Measurements on Earth and in Space

H. K. Charles Jr., H. S. Feldmesser, T. C. Magee, and T. J. Beck

Computer-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery with Real-Time Biomechanics

M. Armand, R. Armiger, D. Mendat, J. Lepistö, K. Tallroth, S. Mears, S. Belkoff, R. Taylor, R. Murphy, G. Chintalapani, and O. Sadowski

Image-Guided, Robotically Assisted Osteoporotic Bone Augmentation

M. Armand, R. Armiger, M. Kutzer, C. Brown, S. Mear, E. Sutton, P. Kazanzides, R. Taylor, Y. Otake, O. Sadowski, and E. Basafa

Computational Cardiac Modeling Based on Transesophageal Echocardiographic Imaging

C. Sprouse, A. Jorstad, D. DeMenthon, P. Burlina, F. Contijoch, T. Ngo, D. Herzka, E. McVeigh, J. Stearns, K. Grogan, M. Brady, T. Abraham, and D. Yuh

TeleWatch Patient Monitoring System

J. G. Palmer, E. Kasper, G. Gerstenblith, S. Gottlieb, and J. Spaeder

Research Program in Applied Neuroscience

R. J. Vogelstein, S. D. Harshbarger, M. P. McLoughlin, J. D. Beaty, S. Yantis, C. E. Connor, N. V. Thakor, C. Priebe, and R. Etienne-Cummings


Iris Structure, Aqueous Flow, and Glaucoma Risk

D. M. Silver and H. A. Quigley

Objective Characterization of Haze Following Refractive Surgery

R. L. McCally, W. J. Stark, P. J. Connolly, S. Jain, and D. T. Azar

Characterizing the Protein Content in Tears for Early Detection of Disease

M. Antoine, P. Demirev, H. Le, A. Behrens, and J. Castro

Electronic Mass Casualty Assessment and Planning Scenarios

C. K. Latimer, J. C. Brown, T. C. Gion, C. Wong, J. J. Scheulen,T. D. Kirsch, D. M. Whyne, J. M. Links, M. G. Millin, J. Schaefer, and S. B. Wadsworth

Rapid Detection of Malaria Parasites

A. Feldman, J. Lin, S. Murphy, P. Demirev, D. Sullivan, P. Scholl, and N. Kumar

Applied Sequencing Center Initiative

A. Feldman, P. Demirev, A. Greenberg, J. Lin, T. Mehoke, E. Van Gieson, C. Young, J. Hahn, J. Proescher, R. Quizon, A. Sivakumar, J. Ticehurst, A. Chakravarti, K. Schwab, and N. Kumar

JHU Global Water Program

K. Schwab, M. E. Figueroa, W. Ball, S. Guikema, B. Zaitchik, and C. Young


The Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory

P. N. Bernasconi, D. Neufeld, C. Walker, D. Hollenbach, J. Kawamura, and J. Stuzki

Equatorial Superrotation on Earth Induced by Optically Thick Dust Clouds

X. Zhu, L. D. Oman, D. W. Waugh, and S. A. Lloyd

The Dynamic Fracture of Rocky Bodies: Applications to Planetary Impact Problems

J. Kimberley, K. T. Ramesh, O. S. Barnouin, P. K. Swaminathan, and C. M. Ernst

Mass Spectral Signatures of Intact Microorganisms in the Search for Life on Mars Using Mass Spectrometry

T. Cornish, P. Demirev, M. Antoine, S. Ecelberger, W. Brinckerhoff, L. Becker, J. DiRuggiero, and K. Sowers

Ceramic Coatings for the Solar Probe Plus Mission

D. Mehoke, E. Congdon, D. Drewry Jr., C. Eddins, R. Deacon, T. Wolf, D. Hahn, D. King, D. Nagle, M. Buchta, D. Zhang, K. Hemker, J. Spicer, J. Jones, S. Ryan, and G. Schlichter

Chip-Scale Absolute Scalar Magnetometer for Space Applications

H. Korth, K. Strohbehn, F. Tejada, A. Andreou, S. McVeigh, J. Kitching, and S. Knappe

Estimating Shock Spectra: Extensions Beyond the Goddard Environmental Verification Standard

T. Igusa and G. L. Maahs


Flexible Readout and Integration Sensor (FRIS): New Class of Imaging Sensor Arrays Optimized for Air and Missile Defense

C. G. Rizk, P. O. Pouliquen, and A. G. Andreou

Chemically Responsive Organic Field-Effect Transistors

T. J. Dawidczyk, J. Huang, J. Sun, K. C. See, B. J. Jung, H. E. Katz, A. F. Mason, J. Miragliotta, and A. Becknell

Organic Field-Effect Transistors for the Detection of Airborne Explosives

A. F. Mason, Y. Han, J. Huang, T. Dawidczyk, and H. E. Katz

Piezoelectric Biopolymer–Polymer Composite Films and Microfibers

D. Farrar, M. S. Yu, J. E. West, and W. Moon

Hierarchical Self-Assembly of 3-D Metallic Microstructures for Terahertz Applications: Experiments and Simulation

J. Randhawa, M. D. Keung, D. Demers, S. S. Gurbani, D. H. Gracias, and M. Leahy-Hoppa

Nanotechnology Application to Optimize Piezoelectric Metamaterials for Highly Sensitive Transducers and Energy Harvesting

J. I. Arvelo, I. J. Busch-Vishniac, and J. E. West

Estimates of Near-Infrared Atmospheric Window Absorption

M. E. Thomas, K. Siegrist, W. E. Torruellas, J. Kang, and K. Petrillo

Optical Properties of Polycrystalline Neodymium (Nd)-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet for Different Levels of Nd Doping

R. M. Springer, F. A. Narducci, M. E. Thomas, and D. V. Hahn

The Structural and Property Evolution of Cellulose During Carbonization

Y.-R. Rhim, M. Rooney, D. Nagle, D. Zhang, D. Drewry III, D. H. Fairbrother, and C. Herman


Reconfigurable Robotic System with Independently Mobile Modules

M. Kutzer, C. Brown, D. Scheidt, M. Armand, K. Wolfe, M. Moses, and G. Chirikjian

Senior Design Project: Miniature Actuator for Throwable Robot

R. M. Johnson, D. Ferguson, J. Kegelman, J. Lefkowitz, T. Rajpal, A. F. Conn, M. Armand, C. Y. Brown, A. F. DeBella, M. D. Kutzer, and D. L. Ryan

Estimating the Pose of an Object in a Distributed Camera Network

A. Jorstad, P. Burlina, I-J. Wang, D. Lucarelli, D. DeMenthon, R. Tron, A. Terzis, and R. Vidal

Senior Design Project: Low-Altitude Unmanned Reconnaissance Airship (LAURA)

N. Keim, J. Samsundar, and J. Barton

Biomimetic Undulating Fin Propulsion for Maneuvering Underwater Vehicles

K. M. Kalumuck, A. Brandt, M. Armand, M. D. Kutzer, C. Y. Brown, N. J. Cowan, A. Prosperetti, C. Blizzard, R. Burns, M. Takagi, and E. S. Fortune

High-Speed Active Flow Control

S. J. Haack, B. Z. Cybyk, A. Nedungadi, H. B. Land, T. M. Taylor, J. Katz, H. S. Ko, and F. Alvi


Multi-Channel, Multi-Radio Seamless Wireless Mesh Networks

Q. Zhang, Y. Amir, N. River, and R. Musaloiu-Elefteri

Adaptive Resilient Tactical Network Management

R. G. Cole, S. Kumar, A. Mishra, and B. Awerbuch

High-Bandwidth Communication in the Maritime Environment for Tactical Applications

R. Sova, R. Rottier, D. Terry, J. Juarez, J. Sluz, D. Young, B. Brandenburg, T. Hanley, C. Etheridge, J. Makowski, F. Davidson, and C. Nelson

Unrestricted Warfare Symposia: A Successful Collaboration Between APL and the JHU School of Advanced International Studies

R. R. Luman, L. D. Simmons, and T. Keaney

Designing for Information Discovery: User Needs Analysis

A. M. Conaway, C. K. Pikas, U. E. McLean, S. D. Morris, L. A. Palmer, L. Rosman, S. A. Sears, E. Uzelac, and S. M. Woodson

Establishing a Human Language Technology Center of Excellence

G. Strong, J. Eisner, and C. Piatko

Comparison of Expected and Observed Fisher Information in Variance Calculations for Parameter Estimates

X. Cao and J. C. Spall


APL Achievement Awards and Prizes

Linda L. Maier-Tyler

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary