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Tech Digest Vol.26 Num.4 Cover

APL Science and Technology Vision
Volume 26, Number 4 (2005)

Scientific vision is problematic. It requires people who are most comfortable dealing with material over which they have complete mastery to speculate about what might lie well beyond the bounds of what can be seen clearly. Vision entails risk, because the view ahead will never be completely clear. Like a photographer with a very powerful zoom lens photographing a mirage near the distant horizon, an attempt to develop technical vision almost certainly produces a distorted version of what might be out there. However, the risk is worthwhile, because the exercise may also illuminate the intermediate territory with particular clarity.


A View of Future APL Science and Technology: Guest Editor’s Introduction

J. C. Sommerer

Detection Systems Information Fusion

W. G. Bath, C. M. Boswell, S. Sommerer, and I-J. Wang

Solar System Science and Exploration

P. D. Spudis

Chemical and Biological Weapons: Current Concepts for Future Defenses

P. A. Demirev, A. B. Feldman, and J. S. Lin

From Art to Science: A Vision for the Future of Information Assurance

S. C. Lee and D. M. Gregg


Information Systems Engineering

D. P. Silberberg and G. E. Mitzel

Sensors and Sensor Systems Research and Development at APL with a View Toward the Future

J. J. Suter

Science and Technology Supporting Vehicle Development at APL

J. J. Wozniak, P. A. Stadter, and W. F. Kujawa

Autonomous Systems

D. P. Watson and D. H. Scheidt

Cognitive Engineering: Understanding Human Interaction with Complex Systems

J. R. Gersh, J. A. McKneely, and R. W. Remington


Global Secure Communication: Challenges and Opportunities

B. T. Doshi

Materials: 2004, 2020, and Beyond

P. J. Biermann, J. L. Sample, and D. Drewry

Miniaturized Electronics

H. K. Charles Jr.

A Vision for Modeling and Simulation at APL

J. E. Coolahan

The Future of Software Development and Its Impact on APL

P. A. Hanke, H. L. Hershey, and P. A. Smith


Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion

D. M. Van Wie, S. M. D’Alessio, and M. E. White

The Systems Analysis, Test, and Evaluationof Strategic Systems

L. J. Levy


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Compiled by L. M. Mercer

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