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APL's Role in Education
Volume 26, Number 3 (2005)

APL’s role in education emanates from being a research and development organization of a world-renowned university dedicated to making critical contributions in support of the nation’s welfare. A wide variety of educational activities have been created to support the university in its education mission, enhance the Laboratory’s ability to attract and maintain a highly skilled workforce, and foster an interest among young people in the fields of science and engineering.

APL’s Role in Education: Guest Editors’ Introduction

J. L. Teesdale

Educating for Leadership Through Collaboration and Innovation

N. P. Jones

APL Collaboration with the Whiting School of Engineering

J. C. Sommerer and M. D. Donohue


Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals

A. W. Bjerkaas

The APL Education Center

J. L. Teesdale

The Master’s Degree Program in Applied Biomedical Engineering

R. L. McCally

The Applied and Computational Mathematics Program at The Johns Hopkins University

J. C. Spall

The Applied Physics Master’s Degree Program

H. K. Charles Jr.

An Overview of the JHU EPP Computer Science and Information Systems and Technology Graduate Programs

R. D. Semmel, R. S. Grossman, J. A. Piorkowski, and E. B. Chlan

The Master’s Degree Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering

M. L. Edwards and D. G. Smith

The Technical Management and Systems Engineering Programs

S. J. Seymour and A. Kossiakoff


Growing APL’s Human Capital

B. K. Estabrook Jr.

Staff Mentoring Programs Establish a Strong Foundation at APL

T. M. Frey and K. S. Penny

Diversity Focuses on the Future

G. E. Boyd

Mentoring at APL

M. C. Finney

From the Sun to Pluto: Inspiring the Next Generation of Explorers

K. B. Beisser

The APL Colloquium

D. M. Silver


Publications, Conferences with Proceedings, Presentations, and Corrigenda

Compiled by L. M. Mercer

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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