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Tech Digest Vol.25 Num.4 Cover

Communications Systems Development
Volume 25, Number 4 (October–December 2004)

APL’s contributions in military and space communications systems design have historically been areas of major innovations. APL-developed communications systems have found applications in DoD and NASA programs, enabling major advancements in higher data rate and assured communications. An emerging developmental effort in optical and VHF (terahertz) communications systems may have future application in such areas as intersatellite communications.

Communications Systems Development at APL: Guest Editor’s Introduction

J. J. Suter


A Decade of Advancements in Spacecraft Communications Technology at APL

R. S. Bokulic

Advances in Ka-Band Power Amplifier Technology for Space Communications Systems

R. E. Wallis, M. A. Reece, H. B. Sequeira, J. I. Upshur, and C. White

Optical Communications Development for Spacecraft Applications

B. G. Boone, J. R. Bruzzi, B. E. Kluga, W. P. Millard, K. B. Fielhauer, D. D. Duncan, D. V. Hahn, C. W. Drabenstadt, D. E. Maurer, and R. S. Bokulic


A Decade of Large-Scale Software Systems Integration and Prototype Development for Army Wideband SATCOM

M. E. Hostetter, M. H. Noll, E. G. Molinaro, W. G. Fields, and P. A. Hanke

Communications for the Warfighter: Research and Development at APL

A. R. Hammons Jr., J. L. Burbank, S. D. Jones, R. E. Conklin, N. M. Merheb, M. A. Jordan, W. T. Kasch, J. R. Hampton, and J. Andrusenko


Wireless Local Area Network Flight Demonstration for High Doppler Conditions

W. P. D’Amico and M. H. Lauss

Future Trends in Miniaturization for Wireless Applications

M. A. G. Darrin, B. G. Carkhuff, and T. S. Mehoke

Terahertz Waves for Communications and Sensing

M. J. Fitch and R. Osiander


APL Achievement Awards and Prizes

L. L. Maier-Tyler

Publications, Conferences with Proceedings, Presentations, Colloquia, Patents (2004), and Author Index (2004)

Compiled by L. M. Mercer

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