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Tech Digest Vol.25 Num.3 Cover

Biomedical Engineering
Volume 25, Number 3 (July–September 2004)

APL’s biomedical engineering projects have often produced technologies that offer capability for understanding complex causes of disease and their impact on humans. The cover illustrates APL’s work in applied research, hardware and software development, and modeling and simulation. APL’s biomedical technology is shown delivering quality care to an aging population while enabing Laboratory sponsors to perform their missions.

Biomedical Engineering at APL: Guest Editor’s Introduction

S. P. Yanek


AMPDXA for Precision Bone Loss Measurements on Earth and in Space

H. K. Charles Jr., M. H. Chen, T. S. Spisz, T. J. Beck, H. S. Feldmesser, T. C. Magee, and B. P. Huang

Simulation of Integrated Physiology Based on an Astronaut Exercise Protocol

J. E. Coolahan, A. B. Feldman, and S. P. Murphy


Development of Field Portable Ventilator Systems for Domestic and Military Emergency Medical Response

C. W. Kerechanin II, P. N. Cutchis, J. A. Vincent, D. G. Smith, and D. S. Wenstrand

Stress Fracture Risk Analysis of the Human Femur Based on Computational Biomechanics

L. Voo, M. Armand, and M. Kleinberger


Neural Blockade Anesthesia Monitor

W. I. Sternberger and R. S. Greenberg

Computer-Aided Orthopedic Surgery with Near-Real-Time Biomechanical Feedback

M. Armand, J. V. S. Lepistö, A. C. Merkle, K. Tallroth, X. Liu, R. H. Taylor, and J. Wenz


Outpatient Management of Chronic Diseases Using the TeleWatch Patient Monitoring System

J. G. Palmer and J. A. Spaeder

Transdermal Optical Communications

J. L. Abita and W. Schneider

The Driver Monitor System: A Means of Assessing Driver Performance

K. C. Baldwin, D. D. Duncan, and S. K. West


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Compiled by L. M. Mercer

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