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Tech Digest Vol.25 Num.1 Cover

Counterproliferation Sensors
Volume 25, Number 1 (January–March 2004)

APL is making significant contributions to homeland defense against assymmetric attack, especially in the area of counter-bioterrorism. Systems engineering practice is helping to marry traditional microbiology with advances in sampling, sensor surveillance, and signal processing.

APL Investigations with Counterproliferation Sensors: Guest Editor's Introduction

H. W. Ko

Mass Spectrometry of Breath for the Diagnosis of Infection and Exposure

J. Jackman and O. Moss

Suitcase TOF: A Man-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

S. A. Ecelberger, T. J. Cornish, B. F. Collins, D. L. Lewis, and W. A. Bryden

Mass Spectral Analysis of Biological Agents Using the BioTOF Mass Spectrometer

M. D. Antoine, M. A. Carlson, W. R. Drummond, O. W. Doss III, C. S. Hayek, A. Saksena, and J. S. Lin

Bioinformatics-Based Strategies for Rapid Microorganism Identification by Mass Spectrometry

P. A. Demirev, A. B. Feldman, and J. S. Lin

Counterproliferation with Advanced Microarray Technology

M. L. Theodore, J. Jackman, and W. L. Bethea

Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensors for Chemical Warfare Agents

J. W. Boyd, G. P. Cobb, G. E. Southard, and G. M. Murray

Extinction Cross-Section Measurements of Bacillus globigii Aerosols

S. C. Walts, C. A. Mitchell, M. E. Thomas, and D. D. Duncan

Test and Evaluation of Lidar Standoff Biological Sensors

P. G. Fuechsel, D. G. Ondercin, and C. Schumacher

Metal Detection and Classification Technologies

C. V. Nelson

Automated Syndromic Classification of Chief Complaint Records

C. A. Sniegoski


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