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Tech Digest Vol.23 Num.4 Cover

Undersea Warfare
Volume 23, Number 4 (October–December 2002)

Undersea warfare encompasses not only the use of submerged technologies, but also the defensive use of nonsubmerged technologies to counter adversary submerged systems. Twenty-five years ago APL formed the Submarine Technology Department, initially to conduct the SSBN Security Program. Now renamed, the National Security Technology Department has widely expanded its work in undersea warfare and beyond.


D. M. Silver

Critical Challenges, Critical Solutions: Guest Editors' Introduction

B. K. Newhall and C. J. Myles-Tochko

Responding to a Dynamic Environment

G. D. Tyler Jr.

Letter to Dr. Roca

VADM J. J. Grossenbacher


Undersea Warfare Systems Engineering and Assessment: An Overview

P. D. Hartman and A. E. Turriff

Operational Evaluation for Evolutionary Sonars

B. O. Bates, R. Calhoun, and D. E. Grant

Information Management: The Advanced Processor Build (Tactical)

P. W. Jacobus, P. Yan, and J. Barrett

SPEARS: A Surface Ship Sonar Data Analysis and Reconstruction System

A. D. Ravitz

Intelligent Agent-Based Control

D. H. Scheidt

Simulation-Based Undersea Warfare Assessment

T. M. Higgins, A. E. Turriff, and D. M. Patrone


Ocean Engineering and Technology Assessment: An Overview

R. H. Brown and B. K. Newhall

Sea Test Planning and Execution

W. L. Harris and G. S. Keys

Oceanographic Sensor System Development

C. W. Anderson, D. A. Kitchin, and K. S. Decker

The Role of the Environmental Specialist Team in At-Sea Tests

M. D. Mandelberg, C. E. Buckingham, M. E. D'Anna, and C. J. Myles-Tochko

A Science Team for the Littoral Warfare Advanced Development Sea Test Program

J. I. Arvelo and J. L. Hanson

Enhancing Realism in Computer Simulations: Environmental Effects

F. C. Newman, A. C. Biondo, M. D. Mandelberg, C. C. Matthews, and J. R. Rottier


APL Awards for Publications and R&D

L. L. Maier-Tyler

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APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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