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Tech Digest Vol.22 Num.3 Cover

Air Defense Part I—Missile Defense
Volume 22, Number 3 (July–September 2001)

This is the first of three Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest issues devoted to the Air Defense Systems Department (ADSD). This issue outlines the history of the Standard Missile (SM) and the science, technology, and operational requirements that have driven the development of SM variants. Throughout this period and for over 50 years APL has functioned as the Technical Adviser, Technical Direction Agent, and Trusted Agent of the Navy in every major missile development used by Navy surface ships.

Guest Editor's Introduction

Robert T. Lundy


Letter to Dr. Roca

RADM W. W. Cobb

Air Defense Systems Department: An Overview

Richard W. Constantine

Bringing Science and Technology to Bear on the Navy’s Needs

William H. Zinger

Systems Engineering of Air and Missile Defenses

Jerry A. Krill


Standard Missile: A Cornerstone of Navy Theater Air Missile Defense

Matthew Montoya

Standard Missile-2 Block IVA Analysis and Test

Bruce E. Kuehne, Robert A. Patterson, John E. Schmiedeskamp, Gregg A. Harrison, Matthew E. Antonicelli, Linda M. Howser, and Steven A. Lutz

Exo-atmospheric Intercepts: Bringing New Challenges to Standard Missile

Gary A. Sullins

Naval Theater Ballistic Missile Defense

David A. Bement, Joel D. Miller, Peter M. Grant III, and J. Jerry LaCamera


Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Missile Engineering

David A. Frostbutter, Brian E. McGrath, and Robert P. Rogér

Testing the SM-3 Kinetic Warhead in the Guidance System Evaluation Laboratory

Scott A. Gearhart

Assessing the Adequacy of Ground Tests

Stephen B. Rogers

The APL Guidance System Evaluation Laboratory

Frank J. Marcotte, Glenn M. Carey, and William J. Tropf

SM-2 Block IVA Image-Based 6-DOF Simulation Incorporating IR Seeker Flight Code and Online Image Rendering

Richard A. Steinberg, Rush W. Kester, Lawrence E. Klein, James S. Belle, and Robert A. Patterson

AM/FM Noise in the Target Illumination Signal for Semi-Active Missiles

Clifton E. Cole and Alexander S. Hughes

Blast Instrumentation for Lethality Assessment

Leo R. Gauthier Jr., John M. Klimek, Louis A. Mattes, Christopher L. Eddins, Angela L. Barrios, Dale E. Clemons, and Robert F. Walsh Jr.


Introduction to Programs

Joe Frank

Parametric Multispectral Infrared Bulk Filtering for Theater Ballistic Missile Defense

Kenneth V. Kitzman

Laser Radar in Ballistic Missile Defense

Isaac N. Bankman, Eric W. Rogala, and Richard E. Pavek

Experimental and Theoretical Assessment of Mechanical and Optical Effects in Nonuniformly Heated IR Windows

Donald D. Duncan, Kevin C. Baldwin, David W. Blodgett, Michael J. Elko, Richard I. Joseph, Mark J. Mayr, Daniel T. Prendergast, David H. Terry, Michael E. Thomas, and Suzanne C. Walts


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary