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Tech Digest Vol.21 Num.1 Cover

Coastal and Marine Applications of Wide Swath SAR
Volume 21, Number 1 (January–March 2000)

NOAA asked The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to organize a symposium. The symposium was held in the KossiakoffCenter on 23–25 March 1999. Nearly 100 participantscame from seven countries; 37 presentations were de-livered, and 24 of those presentations evolved into thearticles published herein.


Guest Editor's Introduction

R. C. Beal and W. G. Pichel

SAR Symposium Keynote Address

R. S. Winokur

Toward an International Storm Watch Using Wide Swath SAR

R. C. Beal

Serendipity in the Use of Satellite Scattermometer, SAR, and Other Sensor Data

R. A. Brown

SAR Signatures of the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Implications for Numerical Forecasting

G. S. Young

Canadian Progress Toward Marine and Coastal Applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar

P. W. Vachon, P. Adlakha, H. Edel, M. Henschel, B. Ramsay, D. Flett, M. Rey, G. Staples, and S. Thomas

Coastal Observing Systems: The Role of Synthetic Aperture Radar

J. A. Johannessen

NOAA Coast Watch SAR Applications and Demonstration

W. G. Pichel and P. Clemente-Colón


Mapping High-Resolution Wind Fields Using Synthetic Aperture Radar

D. R. Thompson and R. C. Beal

Wind, Slick, and Fish Boat Observations with Radarsat ScanSAR

J. Gower and S. Skey

The Alaska SAR Demonstration and Near-Real-Time Synthetic Aperture Radar Winds

F. Monaldo

Monitoring Hurricanes over the Ocean with Wide Swath SAR

K. S. Friedman and X. Li

Wind Fields from SAR: Could They Improve Our Understanding of Storm Dynamics?

K. B. Katsaros, P. W. Vachon, P. G. Black, P. P. Dodge, and E. W. Uhlhorn

Testing the Diagnosis of Marine Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Structure from Synthetic Aperture Radar

T. D. Sikora, D. R. Thompson, and J. C. Bleidorn

Computation of Wind Vectors over the Ocean Using Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar

J. Horstmann, S. Lehner, W. Koch, and R. Tonboe

Extracting Fine-Scale Wind Fields from Synthetic Aperture Radar Images of the Ocean Surface

P. D. Mourad, D. R. Thompson, and D. C. Vandemark


Low-Backscatter Ocean Features in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery

P. Clemente-Colón and X.-H. Yan

Ocean Feature Monitoring with Wide Swath Synthetic Aperture Radar

S. Wu, A. Liu, G. Leonard, and W. G. Pichel

Estimating Oceanic Mixed-Layer Depth from Internal Wave Evolution Observed from Radarsat-1 SAR

X. Li, P. Clemente-Colón, and K. S. Friedman

The Role of Wide Swath SAR in High-Latitude Coastal Management

R. B. Olsen and T. Wahl

International Fisheries Enforcement Management Using Wide Swath SAR

D. R. Montgomery

Flood and Coastal Zone Monitoring in Bangladesh with Radarsat ScanSAR: Technical Experience and Institutional Challenges

D. Werle, T. C. Martin, and K. Hasa


Synthetic Aperture Radar in Europe: ERS, Envisat, and Beyond

E. Attema, Y.-L. Desnos, and G. Duchossois

Rapid-Repeat SAR Imaging of the Ocean Surface: Are Daily Observations Possible?

B. Holt and J. Hilland

International Policy on Wide Swath SAR Ocean Weather Data

R. K. Raney and C. S. Nielson


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