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Tech Digest Vol.20 Num.2 Cover

Sensors and Sensor Systems
Volume 20, Number 2 (April–June 1999)

The cover of this issue illustrates the perception of the world through human senses. Many phenomena, however, demand aiding and going beyond the limits of those senses. Various techniques to achieve this goal are the subject of the present issue.


K. Moorjani


Sensor Development and Application at APL: Guest Editor's Introduction

J. J. Suter

Automated DNA Sizing by Atomic Force Microscopy

T. S. Spisz, Y. Fang, I. N. Bankman, R. H. Reeves, and J. H. Hoh

Approaches to MRI Gating Using Multiple Sensors

R. J. Iannuzzelli, P. N. Morgan, B. E. Kluga, and M. M. Rockwell

The Detection of Transient Optical Events at Narrowband Visible Wavelengths

P. F. Bythrow and D. A. Oursler

Imaging Pyrometry of Laser-Heated Sapphire

D. H. Terry, M. E. Thomas, M. J. Linevsky, and D. T. Prendergast

A Low-Cost Miniaturized Scientific Imager Design with Chip-on-Board Technology for Space Applications

B. Q. Le, P. D. Schwartz, S. X. Ling, K. Strohbehn, K. Peacock, P. J. McNally, S. J. Lehtonen, R. E. Gold, and R. E. Jenkins

Development of the Johns Hopkins Xylophone Bar Magnetometer

D. A. Oursler, D. K. Wickenden, L. J. Zanetti, T. J. Kistenmacher, R. B. Givens, R. Osiander, J. L. Champion, and D. A. Lohr

Progress in the Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensors

B. R. Arnold, A. C. Euler, A. L. Jenkins, O. M. Uy, and G. M. Murray

Miniature Quartz Crystal Microbalance for Spacecraft and Missile Applications

O. M. Uy, R. P. Cain, B. G. Carkhuff, R. T. Cusick, and B. E. Wood

A Controller Area Network-Based Telemetry and Command System for Small Space Experiments

F. C. Dumont, J. J. Suter, and P. D. Schwartz


Design and Demonstration of an Infrared Passive Ranger

J. P. Reilly, T. Klein, and H. Ilves


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