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Tech Digest Vol.2 Num.4 Cover

Fleet Defense Systems and Technology
Volume 2, Number 4 (October–December 1981)


RADM W. E. Meyer

From Kamikaze to AEGIS: An Introduction

B. D. Dobbins, G. W. Luke

Glossary, AEGIS


AEGIS: Newest Line of Navy Defense

J. D. Flanagan, G. W. Luke

AEGIS: Advanced Surface Missile System

J. D. Flanagan, W. N. Sweet

AEGIS: Advanced Multi-Function Array Radar

C. C. Phillips

APL Contributions to AEGIS

E. P. Irzinski


TERRIER/TARTAR: Pacing the Threat

M. E. Oliver

TERRIER/TARTAR:Integration and Automation of Navy Shipboard Surveillance Sensors

W. G. Bath

TERRIER/TARTAR:Demonstration of AN/SYS-1 Integrated Automatic Detection and Tracking System

E. A. Frekko

TERRIER/TARTAR:New Threat Upgrade Program

T. R. Betzer


STANDARD Missile: The Common Denominator

M. E. Oliver, W. N. Sweet

STANDARD Missile:Guidance System Development

R. W. Witte, R. L. McDonald


Battle Group Operations: War at Sea

C. C. Phillips

Battle Group Air Defense Analysis

R. S. Farris, R. J. Hunt

Battle Group Antiair Warfare Coordination

C. C. Phillips, E. C. Prettyman

Battle Group Gridlock Demonstration

J. T. Miller, E. W. G. David


Combat Systems Evaluation Laboratory

D. P. Serpico

Where Have All the Underruns Gone?

R. B. Kershner


Book Review: Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar for Oceanography, by R. C. Beal, P. S. Deleonibus, and I. Katz

John R. Apel

Publications, Presentations, and the Authors

Author Index to Volume 2 (1981)

Title Index to Volume 2 (1981)

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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