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Tech Digest Vol.2 Num.2 Cover

Research and Development Updates
Volume 2, Number 2 (April–June 1981)

Optical Measurement of the Phase Velocity of Ocean Waves During the 1978 Wave Dynamics Experiment

B. L. Gotwols, G. B. Irani

Methane Recovery from Landfills

L. G. Phillips, S. L. Shadel

The MK 92 Fire Control System

K. E. Shade, M. C. Lucas

The APL Satellite Refrigerator Program

C. S. Leffel, Jr.

A Fiber-Optic Local Area Communications Network

S. J. Healy, S. A. Kahn, R. L. Stewart, S. G. Tolchin

Low Energy Charged Particles at Saturn

J. F. Carbary, S. M. Krimigis

Acoustic Detection and Location of Leaks in Underground Natural Gas Distribution Lines

J. G. Parker


Radiophobia: The Great American Syndrome

S. Koslov

The New Fisherman

W. B. McCloskey, Jr.


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