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Tech Digest Vol.19 Num.4 Cover

Strategic Systems Department: 40th Anniversary Issue
Volume 19, Number 4 (October–December 1998)

his issue of the Technical Digest marks the 40th anniversary of the APL Strategic SystemsDepartment (SSD). The articles in the issue provide a sampling of thebreadth and depth of our current activities and a lookback at what we have achieved over the past 40 years.


K. Moorjani

A Dedication: From Polaris to Trident .... Strategic Leadership

Introductory Remarks

D. L. Eddins and P. S. Sugg

Letter to Dr. Gary L. Smith

RADM J. F. Shipway

Strategic Systems and Beyond: Guest Editor's Introduction

J. M. Watson


The Origin of the APL Strategic Systems Department

J. M. Watson

Current SSD Programs

John P. Gibson, Dean R. Colemanm, Lee S. Simkins, R. Gilbert Buckman Jr., Jerome R. Vetter, David J. Carter, Paul D. Worley, Ann G. Arnold, Douglas L. Geffert, Judson C. Brown, Gary R. Bartnick, and Kim E. Richeson

Test and Evaluation of Land-Mobile Missile Systems

W. R. Mentzer, Jr.

The SATRACK System: Development and Applications

T. Thompson, L. J. Levy, and E. E. Westerfield


Global Positioning System Translators for Precision Test and Evaluation

T. Thompson and E. E. Westerfield

Technologies for Sonar Processing

H. M. South, D. C. Cronin, S. L. Gordon, and T. P. Magnani

Development of a Personal Computer Simulation-Based Multimedia Ship Control Training Program

P. E. Biegel, S. P. Brown, T. C. Mason, and D. D. Poland

An Overview of the Simultaneous Perturbation Method for Efficient Optimization

J. C. Spall

Multiple Image Coordinate Extraction (MICE) Technique for Rapid Targeting of Precision Guided Munitions

T. B. Criss, M. M. South, and L. J. Levy


Demonstration of Submarine Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

V. Vigliotti

Demonstration of a Precision Missile Intercept Measurement Technique

T. Thompson


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

Author and Subject Indexes (1998)

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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