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Tech Digest Vol.19 Num.3 Cover

Research and Development Updates
Volume 19, Number 3 (July–September 1998)

APL research and development includes a wide spectrum of scientific, engineering, and technical activities, emanating from across the departments of the Laboratory. This issue of the Digest presents a sampling of APL’s work in basic and applied research, development, and test and evaluation.


Jim's Bright Idea (Reprinted from New Scientist [6 June 1998])

R. Taylor


Development and Use of Electromagnetic Parabolic Equation Propagation Models for U.S. Navy Applications

G. D. Dockery

Infrared Refractive Index and Thermo-optic Coefficient Measurement at APL

W. J. Tropf and M. E. Thomas


Aircraft Wake Detection Using Bistatic Radar: Analysis of Experimental Results

R. J. Iannuzzelli, C. E. Schemm, F. J. Marcotte, L. P. Manzi, H. E. Gilreath, J. M. Hanson, Jr., D. A. Frostbutter, A. S. Hughes, A. D. Bric, D. L. Kershner, and L. E. McKenzie

Exo-atmospheric Discrimination of Thrust Termination Debris and Missile Segments

C. Resch

Parametric Classification Techniques for Theater Ballistic Missile Defense

G. L. Silberman


Differential Global Positioning System Navigation Using High-Frequency Ground Wave Transmissions

J. R. Vetter and W. A. Sellers


In Memoriam: Thomas A. Potemra (1938–1998)

K. Moorjani

Book Review: Webspace Engineering

B. Benokraitis

Book Review: Optical Signal Processing

J. N. Lee

Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

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