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Tech Digest Vol.18 Num.3 Cover

Coherent Radar
Volume 18, Number 3 (July–September 1997)

This issue of the Technical Digest examines coherent signal processing techniques as applied to radar systems. A coherent radar compares the phase or frequency of a target echo with a stable oscillator or reference signal source. Natural objects, such as trees or islands, tend to be relatively steady in phase or frequency. (An important exception is the Doppler-shifted frequency of echoes from weather phenomena.) However, moving targets such as aircraft or ships cause echoes that vary compared with the stable source. These variations can be used to detect the presence of a moving target, measure the target speed relative to the radar, or determine other characteristics of the target such as the type ofjet engine it is using.

Coherent Radar: Guest Editor's Introduction

R. Rzemien

Aircraft Wake Vortex Detection Using Continuous-Wave Radar

J. M. Hanson and F. J. Marcotte

Phase Error Compensation Technique for Improved Synthetic Aperture Radar Performance

D. C. Griffith

Imaging a BQM-74E Target Drone Using Coherent Radar Cross Section Measurements

A. J. Bric

Coherent Data Collectors: A Hardware Perspective

R. Rzemien

Coherent Data Collection and Analysis Capability for the AN/SPS-48E Radar

J. F. Roulette and K. A. Skrivseth

The Mark 92 Modification 6 Fire Control System and APL's Coherent Radar Data Program

E. Fong and S. W. Kay

Coherent Data Collection Efforts in Support of Phalanx

R. Rzemien and J. F. Roulette

An Airborne Captive Seeker with Real-Time Analysis Capability

F. J. Marcotte and J. M. Hanson

A Site-Specific Model of Radar Terrain Backscatter and Shadowing

C. C. Lin and J. P. Reilly


Infrared System Test and Evaluation at APL

S. A. Gearhart and K. K. Vogel


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