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Tech Digest Vol.18 Num.2 Cover

Milton S. Eisenhower RTDC 50th Anniversary Issue
Volume 18, Number 2 (April–June 1997)

In celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Milton S. Eisenhower Research and Technology Development Center, we pay tribute to hundreds of researchers who by their contributions and dedicated efforts at the Center have eminently served the national interest through science and technology.

Milton S. Eisenhower Research and Technology Development Center 50th Anniversary Issue: Guest Editor's Introduction

J. C. Sommerer


My Life at APL

J. A. Van Allen

Genesis of Satellite Navigation

W. H. Guier and G. C. Weiffenbach


Early Energetic Particle Results from Jupiter

D. J. Williams

Quantum Computing

J. D. Franson and B. C. Jacobs

Modeling Two-Dimensional Fluid Flows with Chaos Theory

J. C. Sommerer, E. Ott, and T. Tél

Direct Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Rough Surface and Sea Scattering by an Improved Banded Matrix Iterative Method

D. J. Donohue, H.-C. Ku, D. R. Thompson, and J. Sadowsky

Development of Gallium Nitride Photoconductive Detectors

D. K. Wickenden, Z. Huang, D. B. Mott, and P. K. Shu

Quantitative Grading of Tissue and Nuclei in Prostate Cancer for Prognosis Prediction

W. A. Christens-Barry and A. W. Partin


History of Ramjet and Scramjet Propulsion Development for U.S. Navy Missiles

P. J. Waltrup, M. E. White, F. Zarlingo, and E. S. Gravlin

Bang, Click, Thud, or Whack?

F. J. Pineda, G. Cauwenberghs, R. T. Edwards, K. T. Ryals, and D. G. Steigerwald

Improving Software Performance with Automatic Memoization

M. Hall and J. P. McNamee

Knowledge-Based Query Formulation for Integrated Information Systems

R. D. Semmel, E. A. Immer, D. P. Silberberg, and R. P. Winkler

Development of Miniature Magnetometers

D. K. Wickenden, T. J. Kistenmacher, R. Osiander, S. A. Ecelberger. R. B. Givens, and J. C. Murphy

Modeling Radar Propagation over Terrain

D. J. Donohue and J. R. Kuttler

Microwave Exposure: Safeguarding Public Health in the Absence of National Standards

H. A. Kues, P. E. Mazik, and J. C. Monahan


The Securities Technology Institute for Counterfeit Deterrence

J. C. Murphy, D. C. Dubbel, and R. C. Benson

Universal Agent Sensor for Counterproliferation Applications

W. A. Bryden, R. C. Benson, H. W. Ko, and M. Donlon

The Johns Hopkins University/Army Research Laboratory Microelectronics Research Collaborative Program

R. C. Benson and J. W. Wagner

Safer Transit Travel for the Blind Using an Infrared Warning System

J. Sadowsky, J. L. Abita, R. P. Aylor, G. A. Barney, J. Bohandy, B. G. Carkhuff, K. L. Josephson, B. A. Klem, S. J. Mobley, E. B. Morris, J. F. Rider, W. Schneider, R. L. Stanford, and S. F. Wilderson

The APL Alliances for High-Speed Aerothermal and Propulsion Testing

G. A. Sullins, P. J. Waltrup, and G. R. Garritson


Responding to Critical Educational Needs: Information Systems and Technology

R. D. Semmel and C. R. Westgate


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary