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Tech Digest Vol.17 Num.4 Cover

Research and Development Updates
Volume 17, Number 4 (October–December 1996)

APL research and development includes a wide spectrum of scientific, engineering, and technical activities, emanating from across the departments of the Laboratory. This issue of the Digest presents a sampling of APL’s work in basic research/systems development, applied research, development, and test and evaluation.


Jupiter–At Last!

D. J. Williams


Diurnal Variation of Desert Midwave Infrared Images

K. T. Constantikes, M. E. Thomas, and E. D. Claussen

Design of Cathodic Protection of Rebars in Concrete Structures: An Electrochemical Engineering Approach

R. Srinivasan, P. Gopalan, P. R. Zarriello, C. J. Myles-Tochko, and J. H. Meyer

Use of a NASA-Developed Ion Exchange Material for Removal of Zinc from Electroplating Baths

O. M. Uy, M. J. Ginther, J. T. Folkerts, and K. W. Street, Jr.


A Novel Solid-State Oxygen Sensor

A. E. Colvin, Jr., T. E. Phillips, J. A. Miragliotta, R. B. Givens, and C. B. Bargeron

Coherent--Opportunities and Demands

R. Rzemien

Fifteen Years of Satellite Tracking Development and Application to Wildlife Research and Conservation

W. S. Seegar, P. N. Cutchins, M. R. Fuller, J. J. Suter, V. Bhatnagar


System-Level Testing in Operational Environments

I. D. Rapport, G. W. Balkcom, C.R. Stirrat, and R. L. Wilson


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