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Tech Digest Vol.17 Num.1 Cover

Midcourse Space Experiments: Overview
Volume 17, Number 1 (January–March 1996)

This is the first of two issues of the Digest devoted to describing the highly capable MSX Spacecraft Observatory. This issue focuses on the MSX mission and system-level design and development. The next issue will be devoted to subsystem and instrument descriptions.

Midcourse Space Experiment: Guest Editor's Introduction

M. R. Peterson

The MSX Mission Objectives

J. D. Mill and B. D. Guilmain

MSX Design Parameters Driven by Targets and Backgrounds

A. T. Stair, Jr.

MSX—A Multiuse Space Experiment

L. J. Paxton, C.-I. Meng, D. E. Anderson, and G. J. Romick

Keeping the MSX on Track

C. T. Pardoe

The MSX Spacecraft System Design

R. K. Huebschman

The MSX Thermal Design

J. A. Krein and D. S. Mehoke

Structural Design of the MSX Spacecraft

W. E. Skullney, H. M. Kreitz, Jr., M. J. Harold, S. R. Vernon, T. M. Betenbaugh, T. J. Hartka, D. F. Persons, and E. D. Schaefer

The MSX Spacecraft Power Subsystem

P. E. Panneton and J. E. Jenkins

Contamination Control for the MSX: An Overview

J. H. Cranmer, J. T. Sanders, Jr., J. C. Lesho, and O. M. Uy

The MSX Flight Operations System

R. D. Nordeen, V. B. Barnes, A. C. Good, and R. J. Harvey


Air Force Programs at APL

P. F. Bythrow


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary