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Tech Digest Vol.16 Num.3 Cover

Advanced Sensors
Volume 16, Number 3 (July–September 1995)

Advanced Sensors: Guest Editors' Introduction

W. A. Bryden, J. J. Suter

Twinline Array Development and Performance in a Shallow-Water Littoral Environment

W. S. Allensworth, C. W. Kennedy, B. K. Newhall, I. W. Schurman

Magnetic Field Experiment on the Swedish Freja Satellite

L. J. Zanetti, T. A. Potemra

Development of A1xGa1–xN Alloy Semiconductors for Solar-Blind Ultraviolet Seeker Applications

D. K. Wickenden, W. A. Bryden, T. J. Kistenmacher, P. F. Bythrow, K. Strohbehn

A Compact Polarization Imager

K. E. Thompson, D. M. Rust, H. Chen

Time-Dependent Temperature Distributions for Nondestructive Probing of Material Properties

J. W. M. Spicer, R. Osiander

Aluminum Nitride on Sapphire Films for Surface Acoustic Wave Chemical Sensors

J. J. Suter, W. A. Bryden, T. J. Kistenmacher, R. D. Porga

The Tiny-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Chemical and Biological Sensing

W. A. Bryden, R. C. Benson, S. A. Ecelberger, T. E. Phillips, R. J. Cotter, C. Fenselau

Miniature Sensors Based on Microelectromechanical Systems

R. C. Benson, J. C. Murphy, H. K. Charles, Jr.


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