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Tech Digest Vol.16 Num.2 Cover

Modeling and Simulation II
Volume 16, Number 2 (April–June 1995)

Modeling and Simulation: Guest Editor's Introduction

S. Sommerer

Extracting Evolving Structures from Global Magnetospheric Images via Model Fitting and Video Visualization

C. J. Chase, E. C. Roelof

Using Genetics-Based Learning Methods to Improve Simulation Model Fidelity

L. A. Best, R. D. Sanders

Modeling and Analysis of Cavity Antennas on Cylindrical Ground Planes

D. J. Duven

Operator Support Concepts for Tomahawk Strike Management

M. D. LoPresto, A. F. Pollack, J. Florence, R. C. Ferguson, I. E. Feldberg

A Simulated Ocean Environment for a Maritime Simulation Demonstration

F. C. Newman, M. R. Carnes, G. N. Valenzuela, J. G. Hughes, E. Khedouri

Modeling and Synthesizing Infrared Ocean Clutter

K. G. Constantikes

Distributed Vertical Model Integration

R. R. Lutz

An Overview of Model and Simulation Verification, Validation, and Accreditation

S. M. Youngblood, D. K. Pace


Measuring Marine Infrared Clutter

K. T. Constantikes, E. D. Claussen


Publications, Presentations, Colloquia, and Patents

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