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Tech Digest Vol.15 Num.3 Cover

Image Processing
Volume 15, Number 3 (July–September 1994)

Guest Editors' Introduction

I. N. Bankman, W. J. Geckle

Analog Image Processing with Silicon Retinas

K. Strohbehn, R. C. Meitzler, A. G. Andreou, R. E. Jenkins

Determination of Fluid Velocity Fields with Particle Displacement Velocimetry

S. D. Diamond

Image Processing Aboard the Midcourse Space Experiment Using the Ultraviolet and Visible Imagery and Spectrographic Imagery Instrument

P. K. Murphy, G. A. Heyler

Space Data Compression Standards

N. D. Beser

Wave Domain Processing of Synthetic Aperture Radar Signals

D. G. Tilley, D. J. Yemc

Real-Time Ocean Wave Monitoring from Space: A Thirty-Year Quest Achieved

R. C. Beal, S. F. Oden, J. L. MacArthur, F. M. Monaldo

Point Detection Using a Coning Scan Imager

K. T. Constantikes

Image Processing for Tomahawk Scene Matching

G. B. Irani, J. P. Christ


Analysis of Dynamic Positron Emission Tomography Images Using a Neural Network

C. L. Resch, Z. Szabo


Book Review: An Alternative Energy System for Transportation—Book Review of Renewable Energy from the Ocean: A Guide to OTEC, by W. H. Avery, C. Wu

E. P. Wheaton

Book Review: Space Systems Engineering—Book Review of Fundamentals of Space Systems, edited by V. L. Pisacane, R. C. Moore

F. J. Redd

Publications and Presentations

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