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Tech Digest Vol.15 Num.1 Cover

Advanced Microwave Technology—II
Volume 15, Number 1 (January–March 1994)


K. Moorjani

Guest Editor's Introduction

M. L. Edwards

The Application of Quantum-Well Modulators in Satellite Instrument Design

J. R. Jensen, C. R. Valverde, C. C. DeBoy, V. Veliodis, J. Khurgin, S. Li

Modeling and Analysis of High-Temperature Superconducting Thin-Film Detectors

B. E. Grabow, B. G. Boone, R. M. Sova

Precision Quartz Oscillators and Their Use Aboard Satellites

J. R. Norton, J. M. Cloeren

Microwave Component Analysis Using a Numerical Electromagnetic Field Solver

A. R. Jablon, C. R. Moore, J. E. Penn

Microwave Multichip Modules

S. J. Lehtonen, C. R. Moore, A. S. Francomacaro, R. L. Edwards, G. V. Clatterbaugh

Spacecraft Reflector Antenna Development: Challenges and Novel Solutions

A. R. Jablon, R. K. Stilwell

The S-Band Beacon Receiver for the Midcourse Space Experiment

C. R. Valverde, R. K. Stilwell, A. A. Russo, T. R. McKnight


Analog Neuromorphic Computation: An Application to Compression

F. J. Pineda, A. G. Andreou


Second Symposium on Research and Development at APL

W. G. Berl


Publications, Presentations, Colloquia, and Patents

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