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Tech Digest Vol.14 Num.3 Cover

Ocean Science and Technology
Volume 14, Number 3 (July–September 1993)

Guest Editor' s Introduction

J. Calman

Winds, Waves, and Bubbles at the Air-sea Boundary

J. L. Hanson

Optical Phase Fluctuations in the Ocean

M. A. Baker, S. A. Mack, D. P. Vasholz

Quantifying Ocean Color in the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans

V. L. Stark

Seasonal and Spatial Variations in the Attenuation of Light in the North Atlantic Ocean

J. H. Smart

New Developments in APL Chesapeake Bay Research

C. C. Sarabun, Jr., L. J. Frizzell-Makowski

An Improved Airborne Ocean Temperature Acquisition Display and Analysis System

K. E. Grempler

Oceanographic Databases at the Applied Physics Laboratory

C. J. Myles-Tochko

Reasoning under Uncertainty for a Coastal Ocean Expert System

D. J. Scheerer

An Automated Tactical Oceanographic Monitoring System

H. L. Dantzler, Jr., D. J. Sides, J. C. Neal


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