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Tech Digest Vol.14 Num.2 Cover

Naval Technologies in the Littoral Battlespace
Volume 14, Number 2 (April–June 1993)

A Tribute to Samuel Koslov

K. Moorjani

Guest Editor's Introduction

H. I. Heaton

Joint Littoral Warfare: Our Future

W. A. Owens

APL and the U.S. Naval Service: A Partnership for the Future

G. L. Smith

Naval Service Roles and Missions in Littoral Warfare

R. G. Stokes, G. R. Thompson

Environmental Factors Affecting Military Operations in the Littoral Battlespace

C. H. Sinex, R. S. Winokur

Ship Self-Defense Against Air Threats

D. R. Ousborne

Theater Missile Defense: Technologies to Support a New Naval Misson

R. P. Rempt, M. J. Langston

A Blueprint for the Use of Unmanned Undersea Vehicles in Littoral Warfare

W. E. Shotts, T. M. McNamara, Jr.

New Array Technologies for Target Discrimination

J. S. Lombardo, B. K. Newhall, J.-P. Feuillet

Modeling Acoustic Propagation and Scattering in Littoral Areas

C. A. Boyles, A. C. Biondo

Demonstration of a Low-Frequency, Long-Range Acoustic Communications System

H. P. Widmer, E. Lev, J. J. Costabile

An Expert System for Describing and Predicting the Coastal Ocean Environment

H. L. Dantzler, Jr., D. J. Scheerer


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