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Tech Digest Vol.14 Num.1 Cover

Materials Research and Applications—II
Volume 14, Number 1 (January–March 1993)

Guest Editor's Introduction

W. J. Tropf

Imaging Performance of Crystalline and Polycrystalline Oxides

D. D. Duncan, C. H. Lange, D. G. Fisher

Temperature Coefficients of the Refractive Index for Candidate Optical Windows

C. H. Lange, D. D. Duncan

Optical Properties of Diamond

M. E. Thomas, W. J. Tropf

Oxidation-Resistant High-Temperature Materials

R. W. Newman

Oxidation Mechanisms of Hafnium Carbide and Hafnium Diboride in the Temperature Range 1400 to 2100°C

C. B. Bargeron, R. C. Benson, R. W. Newman, A. N. Jette, T. E. Phillips

High-Temperature Superconducting Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors

R. M. Sova, B. E. Grabow, B. G. Boone

Materials in Electronic Packaging at APL

H. K. Charles, Jr.


Lubrication of Spacecraft Mechanisms

C. E. Vest


Writing and Research and Development Awards

L. L. Maier

Publications, Presentations, Colloquia, and Patents

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary