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Tech Digest Vol.13 Num.3 Cover

Materials Research and Applications—I
Volume 13, Number 3 (July–September 1992)

Guest Editor's Introduction

W. J. Tropf

High-Temperature Optical Properties of Oxide Ceramics

R. M. Sova, M. J. Linevsky, M. E. Thomas, F. F. Mark

Thermal Shock Capabilities of Infrared Dome Materials

J. S. Lin, L. B. Weckesser

Flight Capabilities of High-Speed-Missile Radome Materials

J. B. Kouroupis

Evaluation of Silicon Nitride as an Advanced Radome Material

R. K. Frazer

Epoxy Adhesives in Microelectronic Hybrid Applications

R. C. Benson, N. deHaas, P. G. Goodwin, T. E. Phillips

Reliability of Gallium Arsenide Devices

R. H. Maurer, K. Chao, C. B. Bargeron, R. C. Benson, E. Nhan

Application of Composite Materials to Impact-Insensitive Munitions

V. F. Neradka, Y. Chang, J. E. Grady, D. A. Trowbridge

Ablation Models of Thermal Protection Materials

C. L. Resch


Radar Altimetry and Global Climatic Change

E. B. Dobson, F. M. Monaldo, D. L. Porter, A. R. Robinson, C. C. Kilgus, J. Goldhirsh, S. M. Glenn


Publications, Presentations, and Colloquia

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