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Tech Digest Vol.13 Num.1 Cover

Fifty Years at the Applied Physics Laboratory
Volume 13, Number 1 (January–March 1992)

Guest Editors' Introduction

R. J. Thompson, Jr., W. G. Berl, L. L. Maier

APL—A Model for Applied Research and Development

C. O. Bostrom

APL—Expanding the Limits

A. Kossiakoff


In Defense of Freedom—The Early Years

W. G. Berl

Air Defense for the Fleet

G. F. Emch

Airbreathing Propulsion for Defense of the Surface Fleet

J. L. Keirsey

Bumblebee Missile Aerodynamic Design: A Constant in a Changing World

A. R. Eaton

Typhon—A Weapon System Ahead of Its Time

M. Gussow, E. C. Prettyman

Search Radar Automation: AN/SYS-1 and Beyond

G. F. Emch, G. I. Kirkland

Fleet Air Defense: Countermeasures

W. C. Hyatt


Fifty Years of Strike Warfare Research at the Applied Physics Laboratory

R. R. Hatch, J. L. Luber, J. H. Walker

The Strategic Missile Submarine Force and APL's Role in Its Development

J. M. Watson

APL's Submarine Security Program

E. L. Holmboe, S. J. Seymour

The Emergence of Low-Frequency Active Acoustics as a Critical Antisubmarine Warfare Technology

G. D. Tyler, Jr.


Characteristics of a Successful Study

R. J. Hunt

Spacecraft Design Innovations in the APL Space Department

E. J. Hoffman

Space Plasma Physics at the Applied Physics Laboratory over the Past Half-Century

T. A. Potemra

Strategic Defense Initiative

T. B. Coughlin, L. J. Crawford, J. Dassoulas, M. D. Griffin, P. E. Partridge, M. R. Peterson

The National AeroSpace Plane Program and the APL Role

M. E. White


The Development of Implantable Medical Devices at the Applied Physics Laboratory

R. E. Fischell

Microwave-Induced Changes to the Primate Eye

H. A. Kues, J. C. Monahan

Twenty Years of Low-Dimensional Organic Conductors

T. J. Kistenmacher, D. O. Cowan, T. O. Poehler

Environmental Assessment and Research

L. C. Kohlenstein, E. M. Portner, D. T. Burton, J. P. Reilly


Publications, Presentations, Colloquia, and Patents

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary