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Tech Digest Vol.12 Num.4 Cover

A Gallimaufry Issue
Volume 12, Number 4 (October–December 1991)


S. Koslov

Using Fractal Dimension for Target Detection in Clutter

K. T. Constantikes

Prediction of Solar Activity with a Neural Network and Its Effect on Orbit Prediction

K. E. Williams

The NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile System

C. L. Roe

An Operational Computer Program to Control Self Defense Surface Missile System Operations

C. L. Roe

The Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft/Sonobuoy Missile Impact Locating System

J. W. McIntyre

The Postmission Processor for the Sonobuoy Missile Impact Locating System

D. A. Artis, H. Malcom

Recent Developments in Polygraph Technology

D. E. Olsen, N. Ansley, I. E. Feldberg, J. C. Harris, J. A. Cristion


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