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Tech Digest Vol.12 Num.3 Cover

Computationally Intensive Research at APL
Volume 12, Number 3 (July–September 1991)

Guest Editor's Introduction

L. Monchick

Numerical Solution of Turbulent Flows

R. Raul

Pseudospectral Element Method for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Its Parallel Implementation

H.-C. Ku, A. P. Rosenberg

Modern Quantum Kinetic Theory and Spectral Line Shapes

L. Monchick

Theory of Electron Current Image Diffraction from Crystal Surfaces at Low Energies

A. N. Jette, C. B. Bargeron

Effects of Chemical Substitution on the Structural and Super-Conducting Properties of Some High-Critical-Temperature Copper Oxide Ceramics

T. J. Kistenmacher

On an Unsolved Problem of Olga Taussky

C. H. Romine


The Arctic Explorations of Fridtjof Nansen

T. A. Potemra

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing in China: A Trip Report and Observations

R. E. Kemelhor

Seminar Gaming: An Approach to Problems Too Complex for Algorithmic Solution

D. K. Pace


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