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Tech Digest Vol.11 Num.3-4 Cover

Space, Air, and Oceans
Volume 11, Number 3-4 (July–December 1990)


S. Koslov


Guest Editor's Introduction

D. G. Mitchell

Space Physics in Antarctica: An Adventure on the Ice

K. B. Baker

Ultra-Low-Frequency Magnetic Pulsations in the Earth's Magnetosphere

B. J. Anderson

Response of Energetic Particles to Magnetospheric Ultra-Low-Frequency Waves

K. Takahashi

Magnetospheric Substorms

R. E. Lopez

Observations of Solar Wind Penetration into the Earth's Magnetosphere: The Plasma Mantle

E. R. Sanchez, C.-I. Meng, P. T. Newell

The AMPTE Program's Contribution to Studies of the Solar Wind–Magnetosphere–Ionosphere Interaction

D. G. Sibeck

Satellite Absorption of Energetic Particles

C. P. Paranicas, A. F. Cheng

A Neural-Network-Based System for Monitoring the Aurora

P. T. Newell, S. Wing, C.-I. Meng, V. Sigillito

Estimation of the Charged Particle Environment for Earth Orbits

J. D. Kinnison, R. H. Maurer, T. M. Jordan


Guest Editor's Introduction

P. J. Waltrup

The National Aerospace Plane Program: A Revolutionary Concept

R. R. Barthelemy

The Beginning of Hypersonic Ramjet Research at APL

H. E. Gilreath

Design and Development of Single-Stage-to-Orbit Vehicles

F. S. Billig

NASP Inlet Design and Testing Issues

D. M. Van Wie, M. E. White, G. P. Corpening


Guest Editor's Introduction

R. C. Beal

The Significance of LEWEX for Ship Design and Operations

S. L. Bales

Waves, Dreams, and Visions

K. Hasselmann

LEWEX: Motivation, Objectives, and Results

R. C. Beal

The Practical Value of Directional Ocean Wave Spectra

S. P. Kjeldsen

Wind Data and the Marine Boundary Layer

W. J. Pierson, Jr.

Marine Wind Variability: Illustration and Comments

R. S. Ezraty

The CFAV Quest's LEWEX Experience

W. C. E. Nethercote

HNLMS Tydeman's LEWEX Experience and Motion Simulation in Multimodal Seas

J. H. de Jong and P. Vermeij

Geosat Wind and Wave Measurements during LEWEX

E. B. Dobson, S. P. Chaykovsky

Research Needs for Better Wave Forecasting: LEWEX Panel Discussion

M. Donelan


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