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Tech Digest Vol.11 Num.1-2 Cover

Tenth Anniversary Issue
Volume 11, Number 1-2 (January–June 1990)


S. Koslov

Guest Editors' Introductions

W. G. Berl, T. L. Pfenning


Fleet Air Defense and Technology

G. F. Emch

Battle Group Gridlock—An Update

J. T. Miller, Jr., E. P. Lee, A. B. Joice, K. D. Brockman, D. I. Furst

Data Fusion for Navy Test Ranges

R. E. Thurber

New Directions in Missile Guidance: Signal Processing Based on Neural Networks and Fractal Modeling

B. G. Boone, K. T. Constantikes, R. L. Fry, A. S. Gilbert, R. L. Kulp


Ten Years of APL Oceanography in the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest

J. Calman

High-Resolution Thermistor Chain Observations in the Upper Chesapeake Bay

C. C. Sarabun, Jr., D. C. Dubbel

The Role of Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar in Global Wave Forecasting

R. C. Beal

The Voyager Program at APL

B. H. Mauk, E. P. Keath, S. M. Krimigis


Update on Global Imaging Using Energetic Neutral Atoms

E. C. Roelof, D. J. Williams

New Instruments for Solar Research

D. M. Rust, J. W. O'Byrne, R. E. Sterner II

The Creation of the Delta 180 Program and Its Follow-Ons

J. Dassoulas, M. D. Griffin

The Navy Navigation Satellite System (Transit)

R. J. Danchik, L. L. Pryor


High-Speed Processors for Sonar

H. M. South

Update on Information Systems at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

B. I. Blum

Neural Networks for Automatic Target Recognition

M. W. Roth


Microelectronics at APL: 30 Years of Service

H. K. Charles, Jr., G. D. Wagner, J. L. Abita

Microelectronic Materials Characterization: An Update

H. K. Charles, Jr., G. V. Clatterbaugh, E. S. Dettmer

Modeling for Electronic Packaging at APL

H. K. Charles, Jr., G. V. Clatterbaugh

Microwave Technology

J. L. Abita


High-Temperature Superconductivity

K. Moorjani, F. J. Adrian, B. F. Kim, J. Bohandy, T. E. Phillips, T. J. Kistenmacher, W. J. Green, E. Agostinelli, B. G. Boone, R. M. Sova

High-Temperature Chemistry of Materials: An Update

L. W. Hunter

Thermal Nondestructive Characterization of the Integrity of Protective Coatings

J. W. Maclachlan Spicer, L. C. Aamodt, J. C. Murphy

Fine Structure in Two-Dimensional Electron Scattering

C. B. Bargeron, A. N. Jette, B. H. Nall


Basic Science: Further Reading


Optical Monitoring of the Generation of Singlet Oxygen during Photodynamic Treatment of Tumors

J. G. Parker

Research on Corneal Structure

R. A. Farrell, D. E. Freund, R. L. McCally

Etiology of the Retinopathy of Prematurity: A Progress Report

R. W. Flower


Writing and Research and Development Awards

L. L. Maier

Publications, Presentations, Colloquia, and Patents

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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80th anniversary