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Tech Digest Vol.10 Num.4 Cover

APL Ocean Sciences—1989
Volume 10, Number 4 (October–December 1989)


J. R. Apel

Guest Editors' Introduction

J. R. Apel, R. F. Gasparovic, C. C. Kilgus


Internal Wave Measurements in a Norwegian Fjord Using Multifrequency Radars

J. R. Apel, D. T. Gjessing

Internal Waves from Moving Point Sources

K. B. Dysthe, J. Trulsen

Delta-k Radar Measurements of Internal Waves in the Sognefjord

J. R. Jensen

Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Ship-Generated Internal Waves

R. F. Gasparovic, D. R. Thompson, J. R. Apel

Probing the Ocean Surface with Microwave Radar

D. R. Thompson

Refraction Modeling of Internal Waves in a Two-Layer System, as Observed in the Strait of Gibralter

G. Watson

A Statistical Mechanical Explanation of the Garrett and Munk Model of Oceanic Internal Waves

K. R. Allen, R. I. Joseph


Monitoring Tropical Sea Level in Near-Real Time with Geosat Altimetry

R. E. Cheney, L. Miller, R. W. Agreen, N. S. Doyle, B. Douglas

The Synthetic Geoid and the Estimation of Mesoscale Absolute Topography from Altimeter Data

D. L. Porter, A. R. Robinson, S. M. Glenn, E. B. Dobson

Real-Time Satellite Altimetry

J. Calman, L. P. Manzi

The Effects of Atmospheric Water Vapor on the Location of Ocean Features by the Geosat Altimeter

F. M. Monaldo

A Summary of Precise Orbit Computation for the Geosat Exact Repeat Mission

B. J. Haines, G. H. Born, J. G. Marsh, R. G. Williamson


Evolution of the Satellite Radar Altimeter

J. L. MacArthur, C. C. Kilgus, C. A. Twigg, P. V. K. Brown

Solid-State Power Amplifiers for Satellite Radar Altimeters

U. I. von Mehlem, R. E. Wallis

Digital Signal Processing for Spacecraft Altimeters

J. A. Perschy, S. F. Oden, D. E. Rodriguez, C. W. Spaur, J. E. Penn, A. H. Mattheiss III, R. P. Cain, R. C. Moore


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Author and Title Indexes: 1985–1989

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