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Tech Digest Vol.10 Num.3 Cover

Computing at APL Moves Into the Nineties
Volume 10, Number 3 (July–September 1989)

Computing at APL Moves into the Nineties

R. E. Jenkins

Embedded Parallel Architectures in Real-Time Applications

K. W. Koontz

QUEN: The APL Wavefront Array Processor

Q. E. Dolecek

Automatic Target Recognition on the Connection Machine

J. R. Buchanan

Development of a Forth Language Directed Processor Using Very Large Scale Integrated Circuitry

S. C. Lee, J. R. Hayes

Computer System Architectures for Future Navy Tactical Systems

J. G. Palmer

Imaging the Solar System with Computers

L. L. Suther

A Multimedia Rapid Prototyping Tool for the Development of Computer-Assisted Instruction

A. V. L. Biggie, W. E. Buchanan, P. L. Hazan, A. Kossiakoff

Associative Memories and Feedforward Networks: A Synopsis of Neural-Network Research at the Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center

V. G. Sigillito

Classification of Radar Returns from the Ionosphere Using Neural Networks

V. G. Sigillito, S. P. Wing, L. V. Hutton, K. B. Baker


The Laboratory within the University

S. Muller

No Free Lunch

C. A. H. Trost

An Appreciation: Helen S. Hopfield (1899–1989)

H. D. Black


Project LEWEX: An International Reading of Ocean Waves

W. McCloskey


Publications and Presentations

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