Helpful Websites

AMS Math Samplings

Description: Math Samplings provides writings, posters, and other visual resources that present mathematical topics, mathematicians, and the beauty and relevance of mathematics.
Subject: Math
Sponsored by: American Mathematical Society

Awesome Library

Description: Awesome Library is a library of resources for multiple subjects (including games, lesson plans, theory, papers, projects).
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: Evaluation and Development Institute (EDI) and Dr. R. Jerry Adams


Description: Project BioEYES is a K–12 science education program that provides classroom-based learning opportunities through the use of live zebrafish.
Subject: Science
Sponsored by: University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Institution of Science, and University of Notre Dame

Blowing Minds Inspirational Video

Description: This video and website emphasize the importance of teachers and the need for more engaging/mind-blowing math and science instruction during class time. Please visit the website—you are sure to find it both inspirational and informative.
Subject: Teaching STEM Subjects
Sponsored by:


Description: Chegg offers book return, buyback, and eTextbooks. Assistance with course selection and homework help are also provided.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: Formerly Cramster

Engineering is Elementary (EiE)

Description: EiE, Engineering Adventures (EA), is a website developed by the Museum of Science, Boston, MA. Its after-school and camp programs contain free, research-based, field-tested curriculum that is flexible, engaging, and easy to implement. EA activities and materials engage third- to fifth-grade learners in the engineering design process.
Subject: Engineering for Third- to Fifth-Grade Learners
Sponsored by: Museum of Science, Boston, MA

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

Description: FIRST introduces students to the world of robotics through its robotics programs and competitions.
Subject: Robotics and STEM
Sponsored by: Dean Kamen, an inventor, entrepreneur, and advocate for science and technology

Description: provides printable math worksheets, tutorials, games, and puzzles for elementary, middle, and high school students.
Subject: Math
Sponsored by: The Team


Description: Gooru provides a search engine that searches through multimedia resources, digital textbooks, videos, games, and quizzes, covering math and science topics from 5th to 12th grade.
Subject: Math and Science
Sponsored by: Open Educational Resources (OER), Next Generation Learning Challenges, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Ram Shriram Family Foundation, Partners for Sustainable Development, the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and Google


Description: This companion website for the LEGO MINDSTORMS kits contains lessons plans for teachers to incorporate into the classroom.
Subject: Math and Science
Sponsored by: National Instruments Corporation

Making Neuroscience Fun

Description: Making Neuroscience Fun is a program designed to teach children from pre-K through grade 8 about the brain and nervous system. Downloadable files are provided for teachers.
Subject: Science
Sponsored by: The Johns Hopkins University Interdepartmental Program in Neuroscience

Maryland MESA

Description: Maryland MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement), a K–12 STEM initiative, works to identify and support students statewide in order to prepare them for 2- or 4-year colleges/universities with a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and MESA

The Mint

Description: The Mint provides tools to help parents as well as educators teach children to manage money wisely and develop good financial habits.
Subject: Math
Sponsored by: Northwestern Mutual Foundation and the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE)


Description: The NASA website provides videos, stories, and interactive activities about space, space travel, and NASA endeavors.
Subject: Science
Sponsored by: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

National Science Foundation (NSF) Successful STEM Education (a National Science Foundation initiative)

Description: This website, maintained by the Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE), provides resources that describe practices and tools that support effective K–12 STEM education in schools and programs. It promotes STEM workshops and events throughout the year and across the country. Its Successful STEM Resource Library contains STEM Smart workshop presentations and research briefs and reports for use by K–12 education policy makers in schools and districts; local, state, and federal government agencies; curriculum developers; educators; and advocacy groups.
Subject: STEM Education Practices and Tools
Sponsored by: National Science Foundation


Description: This website features training sessions for teachers, lesson plans, videos, online homework and quizzes that are graded automatically, and student results charts. Students can use mobile or desktop devices to earn badges for passing fun quizzes for each Common Core standard, play videos and games to learn, and do their OpenEd assigned homework in the Common Core Quest app.
Subject: Free and Subscription Online Learning and Assessment
Sponsored by: OpenEd, Inc.

PBS Kids Design Squad Nation Parent and Educator Resources

Description: The Design Squad Nation website is geared toward giving children a stronger understanding of the design process as well as the connection between engineering and things used in everyday life. The site's resources for parents and educators include downloadable guides, activities, and videos.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: PBS

PBS TeacherLine

Description: PBS TeacherLine offers online professional development for pre-K to grade 12 educators through online courses and peer connections.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: PBS

PBS Teachers

Description: PBS Teachers provides classroom resources and activities.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: PBS

PhET Interactive Simulations

Description: PhET Interactive Simulations provides interactive simulations of physical science and math concepts. The simulations allow the user to enter variables that affect the outcome.
Subject: Math and Science
Sponsored by: University of Colorado at Boulder

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Description: The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center features more than 100 interactive science exhibits in five galleries, as well as major traveling exhibitions. Online resources for educators are provided on their website, and workshops/camps for students are offered.
Subject: Earth Sciences
Sponsored by: Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, a collaboration of 26 arts, science, and cultural institutions in Balboa Park

Science Buddies

Description: Science Buddies provides resources for science fairs for teachers, students, and parents. Handouts, grading and judging resources, science project kits and STEM career information are also offered.
Subject: Science
Sponsored by: Motorola, Chevron, and Northrop Grumman

Searching for the Building Blocks of Matter at Fermilab

Description: Searching for the Building Blocks of Matter was an exhibit for the public on the 15th floor of Wilson Hall at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. This website includes the text and graphics from that exhibit.
Subject: Science/Physics
Sponsored by: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Description: STEMnet's network enables teachers to call upon an impressive roster of Maryland STEM practitioners from federal agencies, industry, and higher education to visit their classrooms and inspire and inform their students about real-world STEM work.
Subject: STEM
Sponsored by: Maryland Business Roundtable for Education (MBRT)

Teaching Channel

Description: Teaching Channel provides a video showcase—on the Internet and on TV—of innovative and effective teaching practices in America's schools.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: Received seed funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

VEX Robotics Design System

Description: The VEX Robotics Design System introduces students as well as adults to the world of robotics through the VEX robotics kit.
Subject: Robotics and STEM
Sponsored by: Innovation First International Inc.


Description: WolframAlpha provides a self-contained search engine based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods.
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica

Wolfram MathWorld

Description: Wolfram MathWorld provides extensive online mathematical resources from algebra to discrete mathematics.
Subject: Math
Sponsored by: Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica

YouTube – JHU Applied Physics Laboratory

Description: APL's YouTube Channel provides videos that showcase the innovative research, outreach, and diversity programs taking place at the Laboratory (both past and present).
Subject: Multiple
Sponsored by: The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)