STEMtacular Activities

Octahedron Factivity Sheet

Learn how an octahedron got its name, and make one of your own!


APL Paper Plane


Mosaic Postcards from Mercury

To learn about the unique features on Mercury's surface and unravel its history, the MESSENGER Science Team pieces together many high-resolution images of the planet to form a "mosaic." With the MESSENGER mosaic postcards, you can mimic that scientific process!

View the postcards on the MESSENGER website

Van Allen Probes Spacecraft Paper Model and Mobile

The Van Allen Probes will examine the Van Allen belts, which are two donut-shaped regions of high-energy particles swirling around Earth. The twin spacecraft will fly through both belts, gathering data to help us learn more about the Sun–Earth connection and how magnetic activity in this extreme environment affects work in space and life on the ground.