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College Prep is a program to help students prepare for, apply to, and succeed in college. Admission is by competitive application, and is open to all area high school students. Applicants who are interested in STEM and who have demonstrated need (such as a low-income background, first generation college experience, lack of mentors) are encouraged to apply. Applications are available in March of each year for the summer program. You may sign up to receive an application by contacting Will Gray Will Gray at will.collegeprep@gmail.com/.

Summer Programs

Looking for a summer camp to explore new STEM adventures? Here are some tools to help you find the right summer STEM challenge, both in the area near APL and nationwide.

Here is a sample of the summer programs you can find on your search:
After-School Programs
Science Fairs and STEM Competitions

The local, national, and international competitions listed here are open to students and recommended by APL.





MESA Day Competitions
Other STEM Competitions and Science Fairs

Several websites provide comprehensive directories of science fairs. Check out the following sites to help you find a science fair:

Other sources of information about STEM competitions and science fairs include the following:

STEM Scholarships and Internships for Students