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Two APL Researchers discussing their work

Advanced Science and Technology Development

Our team specializes in exploring emerging research areas and improving intelligence and defense capabilities through applied mathematics, social sciences, and its newest focus, environmental resilience.

Acting Program Manager: Marisa Hughes

Focus Areas

Modeling and predicting complex interactions and emergent behaviors

We apply novel and imaginative concepts to model and predict complex interactions, emergent behaviors, and complex systems of systems. This involves the study of relationships between models and observations while also examining the mathematical foundations of the models.

Exploring and addressing the national security challenges arising from a rapidly changing environment

We explore and develop prototype methods to understand, mitigate, and adapt to close the gap between increasing demand and changing environmental constraints, including climate change, in the context of national security.

Developing new methods to anticipate surprise, understand cause, and measure human behavior

We investigate relationships between individuals and societies that rely more heavily on interpretation and qualitative research methodologies. Our research leverages our expertise in behavioral science, cognitive psychology, human performance, mobile computing, context sensing, signal processing, data fusion, machine learning, and data privacy and security—and strives to identify alternative and new methods to detect influences in human behavior.

Research Highlights

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

Game-Changing Impact

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