National Health

Health Protection and Assurance Program Area

The Health Protection and Assurance Program Area focuses on securing individual and global health by developing and utilizing a foundational understanding of health threats and a comprehensive health data ecosystem.

Acting Health Protection and Assurance Program Area Manager
Adam B. Cohen, M.D.
Phone: 240-713-4525

Integrated Health Systems

By applying a systems approach and leveraging competencies in systems engineering, system development, interoperability/integration, data visualization, data analytics, and information security, we can redesign aspects of the U.S. health care system to operate as a closed-looped delivery system that is integrated and highly reliable—and learns.

Integrated Health Systems Program Manager
John Barnes
Phone: 240-228-3789

Prevention, Preparedness, and Response

We aim to fundamentally transform the way the world predicts, prevents, and responds to health threats in all environments. Applying our expertise in artificial intelligence, operational modeling, secure network systems, and novel sensing modalities, we are working to protect the health of people around the world.

Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Program Manager
Jeffrey Freeman, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Phone: 240-592-0135

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