Air and Missile Defense



In late 2016, APL received a Missile Defense Agency (MDA) request to develop an advanced prototype of the next-generation mission planning tool, which MDA named Cerberus. The challenge was to advance the state-of-the-art in Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) force-level mission planning, long-term, and fill gaps in ballistic missile defense planning identified by warfighters, near-term.

Credit: Johns Hopkins APL

Press Releases

09-20-22 Johns Hopkins APL Executives Appointed to Defense Science Board

07-18-22 The Human Touch: Johns Hopkins APL Engineers Develop Tech Usability Standards

06-17-22 Johns Hopkins APL-Led Study Culminates in Development of Long Range Discrimination Radar

04-14-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s DeLaHunt Earns Society of Women Engineers Advocacy Award

04-14-22 REACTOR Prototype Brings XR Collaboration Capabilities

03-21-22 A Striking Pose: Sivels Statue Graces National Mall

01-11-22 Three From Johns Hopkins APL Named as Professional Organization Fellows

12-20-21 Explosives Engineer Works Across Disciplines to Serve Johns Hopkins APL

11-18-21 Johns Hopkins APL’s Van Wie Awarded von Kármán Lectureship in Astronautics

11-01-21 Johns Hopkins APL Helps Define Next-Gen Naval Surveillance System

09-24-21 Johns Hopkins APL’s Augmented Reality Toolbox Helps Army Improve Situational Awareness

09-07-21 Johns Hopkins APL Team Gives Marine Aviators a Glimpse of the Future

07-19-21 “Radar Fanatic” Status Lands APL’s Smith Role as Journal Editor

05-10-21 Johns Hopkins APL Contributes “Once in a Lifetime” Navy SPY-6 Radar System Upgrade

03-12-21 Johns Hopkins APL Hosts Vice Chief of Space Operations

02-10-21 Successful Intercept Test Sets Strong Course for Navy’s Zumwalt

11-18-20 Johns Hopkins APL Assists in Historic Standard Missile-3 Takedown of an ICBM Target

10-05-20 Johns Hopkins APL’s SABR Simulations Give TSA Cutting-Edge Tech

07-14-20 Johns Hopkins APL Flexes Rapid Prototyping Muscles, Impacts Navy

06-25-20 Johns Hopkins APL and Purdue University Establish Partnership Focused on Hypersonics

05-29-20 Johns Hopkins APL, NASA Upgrade Global Search and Rescue System

03-13-20 Johns Hopkins APL Hits Standard Missile-3 Milestone

02-07-20 Navy Lauds ‘Pathfinder’ Reichert for Missile Defense Leadership

01-27-20 APL Experts Talk Hypersonics at AIAA SciTech Forum

01-23-20 The Young Scientists and the Sea

12-17-19 APL Named to Technical Leadership Role for MDA’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense Program

12-05-19 40 Days of Ice: Burchfield Travels to Arctic for a Cold SODA

11-15-19 APL’s Stadter Earns Air Force Exceptional Service Award

11-11-19 The Basement Tinkerer: APL’s Pavalko Helps Clean Up Ocean

10-23-19 Johns Hopkins APL’s Ciara Sivels Selected as a National STEM Ambassador

08-22-19 Johns Hopkins APL Teams Up with United Way for STEM Kit Challenge

01-08-19 David Van Wie to Lead APL’s Air and Missile Defense Sector

08-22-18 No Boundaries: Hypersonic BOLT Experiments

05-30-18 APL’s Air and Missile Defense Sector Sponsors Charity “Book Battle” to Support Local Children

03-30-17 Giare Appointed Air and Missile Defense Mission Area Executive

02-14-17 APL’s David Van Wie Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

02-07-17 Johns Hopkins APL Plays Key Role as US, Japan Conduct First SM-3 Block IIA Intercept Test

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