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2022 News Stories

12-14-22 Making a Volcanic Splash: Tonga Eruption Blasted Water Vapor into Outer Space

12-07-22 Intern on Johns Hopkins APL’s Dragonfly Mission Shoots for the Moon

12-07-22 New Advances in Neural Interfaces Research at Johns Hopkins

12-05-22 Johns Hopkins APL Is Setting the Path to Prevent Traffic Jams in Space

11-23-22 NASA’s Webb Telescope Reveals an Exoplanet Atmosphere in ‘Once Impossible’ Detail

11-14-22 Johns Hopkins APL Shapes a Vision for Promoting Security in Cislunar Space

11-10-22 Moon Maneuvers: Johns Hopkins APL Envisions Strategy and Technology Needed for Lunar and Cislunar Space

11-04-22 Johns Hopkins APL Trains AI to Adapt Through Video Games

11-01-22 Johns Hopkins APL Develops Methods to Capture and Destroy ‘Forever Chemicals’

10-18-22 Bowman, Phillips Earn Society of Women Engineers Honors

10-06-22 CIRCUIT Sparks Investment in the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

09-24-22 DART’s Small Satellite Companion Tests Camera Prior to Dimorphos Impact

09-20-22 DART Tests Autonomous Navigation System Using Jupiter and Europa

09-19-22 Novel Teaching Tool Earns Hopkins Collaborators International Conference Honors

09-07-22 DART Sets Sights on Asteroid Target

09-07-22 NASA and Johns Hopkins APL Partner to Give Students Real-World Space Mission Design Experience

09-01-22 From Lab to Sea, Johns Hopkins APL Genomics Researchers Bring DNA Sequencing Tools Into the Field

08-31-22 Parker Solar Probe Prepping for Close Encounter with Highly Active Sun

08-26-22 DART Team Confirms Orbit of Target Asteroid

08-26-22 Two From Johns Hopkins APL Receive Hopkins Diversity Recognition Awards

08-25-22 Webb Telescope Spots Carbon Dioxide in Exoplanet Atmosphere for First Time

08-25-22 On the Rise: Three Johns Hopkins APL ‘Standouts’ Earn DARPA Early Career Honor

08-22-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s Egan Named Lab’s First Full-Time Sustainability Manager

08-12-22 Parker Solar Probe Thriving Four Years After Launch

08-12-22 Johns Hopkins APL Recognized with Handshake Early Talent Award

08-10-22 Ukraine Crisis Latest Activation for Johns Hopkins APL’s Disaster Response Corps

07-18-22 Johns Hopkins APL Europa Clipper Team Marks a Month of Major Milestones

07-18-22 The Human Touch: Johns Hopkins APL Engineers Develop Tech Usability Standards

07-15-22 Johns Hopkins APL Assembles First Global Map of Lunar Hydrogen

07-05-22 Johns Hopkins APL-Founded Maryland MESA Celebrates 45 Years of STEM Outreach

06-30-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s Cyclone Aims to Improve Collaborative Human-Machine Decision Making

06-23-22 Inspiring Through ASPIRE: Intern Empowers Young Women in STEM

06-22-22 Deep-Space Landslide Yields an Avalanche of Insight on Asteroid Structure

06-21-22 CRISM Team Closing Operations with New Global Map of Mars

06-17-22 Johns Hopkins APL-Led Study Culminates in Development of Long Range Discrimination Radar

06-13-22 Why Phaethon Turned Blue — and How Other Small Sun-Diving Bodies Might, Too

06-07-22 Johns Hopkins APL Delivers Propulsion Module for NASA Mission to Europa

05-12-22 Fatigue Monitoring System Holds Promise in Preventing Warfighter Injuries

05-06-22 Johns Hopkins APL Hosts Workshop to Train Tomorrow’s Cyber Defenders

04-20-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s Sharp Honored for Engineering Excellence

04-14-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s DeLaHunt Earns Society of Women Engineers Advocacy Award

04-14-22 REACTOR Prototype Brings XR Collaboration Capabilities

04-13-22 NASA Extends Johns Hopkins APL-Led Solar and Space Physics Research Center

04-05-22 With MOSAICS, Johns Hopkins APL Brings the Future of Industrial Cybersecurity into Focus

04-01-22 NASA’s Perseverance Rover Captures New Sounds on Mars

03-31-22 Johns Hopkins Uses Augmented Reality to Deliver High-Quality, Low-Cost Pediatric CPR Feedback

03-24-22 Johns Hopkins APL Delivers New Satellite Tracking Capability to U.S. Space Force

03-21-22 A Striking Pose: Sivels Statue Graces National Mall

03-17-22 Dragonfly Guest Investigator Program Provides Bridge to Opportunities

03-14-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s “Oz” Reveals the Impact of Disaster Damage on Missions

03-10-22 Johns Hopkins APL Rings in 80 Years

03-10-22 Comet 67P’s Abundant Oxygen More of an Illusion, New Study Suggests

03-10-22 Johns Hopkins APL Hosts NASA-FEMA Exercise to Simulate Nation’s Asteroid Impact Response

02-17-22 Creating Coatings for Extreme Environments: From Solar Shields to Hypersonic Leading Edges

02-09-22 Visions of Venus: Parker Solar Probe Captures Its First Images of Venus’ Surface in Visible Light

02-08-22 New Analysis Points to Comets as Source of Near-Surface Ices at the Moon’s South Pole

02-02-22 New NASA Mission Will Capture First Complete Views of Sun’s Massive Explosions

02-02-22 With Project Wonder, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Johns Hopkins APL Seek to Generate Discoveries From Data

01-26-22 Large-Scale Liquid Water Existed on Mars Much Longer Than Suspected

01-26-22 Prem, Mandt Tapped for Lunar Rover Science Team

01-10-22 Johns Hopkins APL Team Delivers Critical Parts for Europa Clipper’s Mapping Instrument

2022 Press Releases

12-21-22 Johns Hopkins APL Engineer Helps Launch Unique Online Robotics and Autonomous Systems Graduate Program

12-15-22 Scientists Following a Dusty Tail to Shape the Story of DART’s Impact

12-15-22 Phil Larson Named Chief Government Relations Officer

12-13-22 Johns Hopkins APL Named to Computerworld ‘Best Places to Work in IT’ for Fifth Year in a Row

12-02-22 Johns Hopkins APL to Build Science Instrument for First Canadian Lunar Rover

11-30-22 DART Mission Earns Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” for Pioneering Planetary Defense Capability

11-28-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s Dutta Reelected IEEE Communications Society Member-at-Large

11-09-22 Johns Hopkins APL Uses AI, Satellite Images to Track Greenhouse Emissions

11-08-22 Johns Hopkins APL, Partners Earn NIH Neuromod Prize to Expand Spinal Cord Injury Research

11-03-22 Johns Hopkins APL Names Porche as National Security Analysis Mission Area Executive

10-26-22 U.S. Space Force to Partner with Johns Hopkins on Professional Development

10-24-22 Johns Hopkins APL Names Ann Kedia as Chief Communications Officer

10-12-22 Johns Hopkins APL Experts Recognized by Undersea Warfare Community

10-11-22 NASA Confirms DART Mission Impact Changed Asteroid’s Motion in Space

09-26-22 Bullseye! NASA’s DART Mission Impacts Asteroid Target in World First

09-20-22 Johns Hopkins APL Executives Appointed to Defense Science Board

09-15-22 DART’s Small Satellite Companion Takes Flight Ahead of Impact

09-06-22 Johns Hopkins APL Earns Additive Manufacturing Benchmark Challenge Honors

09-06-22 APL Achievement Awards Celebrate Staff Members’ Bold Innovations and Game-Changing Impact

08-26-22 Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Earn 2022 R&D 100 Awards

08-22-22 2022 Discovery Awards Fund Johns Hopkins APL Projects in Robotics Sensors, Public Health and Food Systems

08-03-22 Johns Hopkins APL Secures Spot on Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators List

07-28-22 Parker Solar Probe Mission Earns International Academy of Astronautics Laurels Team Award

07-25-22 Johns Hopkins APL Honored for Support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

07-15-22 Grabow Appointed National Health Mission Area Executive

07-12-22 EZIE Mission Jets into Next Development Stage

06-23-22 Johns Hopkins APL Projects Among Fast Company’s ‘World Changing Ideas’

06-17-22 NASA’s DART Captures One of Night Sky’s Brightest Stars

06-14-22 Johns Hopkins APL Signs Licensing Agreement with SIMS Software

06-02-22 Johns Hopkins APL Developing Standards to Enable Better Brain Analysis

05-18-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s Guo Named an AIAA Fellow

05-17-22 Semmel Named to Power 30 Higher Education List

05-12-22 Howard County, Johns Hopkins APL Join Forces to Leverage Smart City Innovation in Gateway District

05-09-22 Accelerating Materials Research with AI Keeps Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Ahead of ‘Impossible’ Challenges

05-03-22 Johnson Named Johns Hopkins APL Chief of Staff

03-23-22 Johns Hopkins APL Analyzing Designs, Materials and Operational Impact of Large Structures to One Day Be Built in Space

03-18-22 Johns Hopkins APL Space Innovator Ryschkewitsch Honored by National Space Club and Foundation

03-08-22 Johns Hopkins APL Named One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Space Companies

03-04-22 Three Johns Hopkins APL Staff Members Honored at Black Engineers STEM Conference

02-17-22 Johns Hopkins APL, IEEE to Co-Host International Conference on Assured Autonomy

01-28-22 Johns Hopkins APL Names Former Under Secretary of Defense James N. Miller as Assistant Director for Policy and Analysis

01-20-22 Johns Hopkins APL Names Dr. Robert D. Braun as Space Exploration Sector Head

01-19-22 National Security Community Honors Johns Hopkins APL’s Arribas Starkey-El for Mentoring Leadership

01-18-22 Former Johns Hopkins APL Interim Director Hinman Dies at 86

01-18-22 Johns Hopkins APL’s Stoll Earns Homeland Security Award for Program Management

01-14-22 Johns Hopkins APL Contributes Critical Expertise to R&D 100 Award-Winning Nuclear Detection Device

01-12-22 Johns Hopkins APL Honored with Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award for Best Places to Work

01-11-22 Three From Johns Hopkins APL Named as Professional Organization Fellows

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