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2018 Press Releases

12-17-18Johns Hopkins APL and Medicine Scientists Develop Tool to Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections

12-11-18APL Plays Key Role in Aegis Ashore Intercept Flight Test

12-11-18How Can the U.S. Call Upon Its Strengths as It Looks Forward to an Uncertain Future?

11-29-18Kalirai Named Civil Space Mission Area Executive at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

11-29-18Johns Hopkins APL Spacecraft Named Popular Science’s 2018 Innovation of the Year

11-26-18APL, Collaborators Launch World’s Largest Neuroscience Data Repository

11-16-18APL Teams with the Army to Develop Software for Self-Righting Autonomous Robots

11-08-18Johns Hopkins APL Wins IARPA Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge

11-02-18Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Earns Global Society of Women Engineers Awards

10-30-18Fastest, Hottest Mission Under the Sun: Parker Solar Probe Sets New Records

10-26-18Johns Hopkins APL Plays Key Role in Second SM-3 Block IIA Intercept Test

10-25-18Mixed Reality System Assists in Recognizing Expression of Emotion

10-15-18Cassini’s ‘Grand Finale’ Yields Findings From Inside Saturn’s Rings

10-12-18APL Experts Provide Research on Ways to Drive Health Care Interoperability

10-01-18Do Robot Swarms Work Like Brains?

09-27-18At Trident Warrior, Engineers Shine Light on New Wireless Technology

09-04-18Crafting Emergency Orders to Defend America’s Electric Grid

08-30-18APL-Led Asteroid-Deflection Mission Passes Development Milestone

08-29-18New Horizons Spots Next Flyby Target

08-22-18No Boundaries: Hypersonic BOLT Experiments

08-16-18Midshipmen Gain Real-World Cyber Experience

08-12-18Parker Solar Probe Launches on Historic Journey to Touch the Sun

08-02-18APL and Navy Expand Role of Hospital Corpsmen, Improve Access to Military Medical Care Through Connected Corpsmen in the Community

08-02-18Nancy Chabot Elected Meteoritical Society Fellow

08-01-18Parker Solar Probe Heads Toward Launch Pad

07-24-18APL Health Initiative Targets Real-Time Disaster Response

07-24-18New Doctorate of Engineering Program Underway with Eight APL Staff Members

07-09-18Miquel Antoine Receives ‘Women of Color’ STEM Leadership Award

06-28-18Johns Hopkins Research Points to Increasing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

06-22-18Six APL Scientists Receive JHU Research Grants

06-19-18Johns Hopkins APL Named as One of IDG’s Computerworld 2018 “Best Places to Work in IT”

06-06-18Sub Tech Symposium Looks to the Future

05-30-18APL’s Air and Missile Defense Sector Sponsors Charity “Book Battle” to Support Local Children

05-21-18DeLaHunt Honored by JHU Diversity Leadership Council

05-21-18NASA Honors Mercury Mission Team

05-16-18APL Wins DARPA Contract to Uncover Hidden Ground Truth in Social Phenomena

05-07-18In a Celebration of Bold Innovation, Johns Hopkins APL Honors Top Inventions, Discoveries and Technical Achievements

04-25-18APL Analysts Examine Sony’s Cyber ‘Nightmare’

04-12-18Paul L. Oostburg Sanz Named General Counsel at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

04-06-18Report Advises on Planning for School Safety and Security Technologies

04-06-18Former Deputy National Security Adviser Named APL Senior Fellow

04-06-18NASA’s Mission to Touch the Sun Arrives in the Sunshine State

03-07-18Send Your Name to the Sun Aboard Parker Solar Probe

03-06-18Former Air Force Undersecretary and Acting Secretary Lisa Disbrow Joins Johns Hopkins APL as a Senior Fellow

03-05-18From Advances in Health Care Tech to Touching the Sun, APL Experts Bring Innovation to 2018 South by Southwest

03-01-18Johns Hopkins APL to Host ‘Girl Power’ STEM Event on March 11

02-23-18APL Retinal Prosthetics Tech Offers Blind Patients a New Outlook

02-22-18Fast Company Names Johns Hopkins APL as One of World’s “Most Innovative Companies”

02-21-18Satellite Hunters: Applied Physics Lab Engineers Find a Lost NASA Spacecraft

02-19-18APL Develops and Licenses Safe, Effective Canine Training Aid to Detect Explosives

02-18-18David Taubenheim Named LGBTQ+ Engineer of the Year

02-14-18APL Space Executive Ann Darrin Named an ‘Influential Marylander’

02-05-18Andrew Adams Receives Black Engineer of the Year Award for Research Leadership

02-02-18APL Black History Month Kickoff Features Tribute to African American Veterans

01-23-18Lab Wins DoD Honors for Support of Guard and Reserve Staff Members

01-15-18Steep Slopes on Mars Reveal Structure of Buried Ice

01-05-18Lab Already Has Plans for Next New Year’s Eve: In the Kuiper Belt, with New Horizons

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