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2017 Press Releases

12-21-17NASA Selects Johns Hopkins APL-Led Mission to Titan for Further Development

12-13-17APL Communications Engineer Helps Reconnect Puerto Rico to the Internet

12-13-17APL Monitoring Instrument Rides into Space

12-08-17Johns Hopkins APL Scientists Craft Detailed Profile of Solar System’s ‘Interstellar Intruder’

12-04-17Johns Hopkins APL and University Students Join Forces to Map the Brain

11-22-17Johns Hopkins APL’s Kaushik Iyer Named as American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow

11-17-17Back to the Red Planet

11-16-17Johns Hopkins APL’s Phillip Graff and Adam Watkins Win Top Honors From Maryland Academy of Sciences

11-13-17APL, FS-ISAC Operationalize the Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense Framework

11-06-17Johns Hopkins APL’s Rick Chapman Receives Bronze Medal From National Defense Industrial Association

11-02-17Russell Gingras, Former APL Chief of Staff, Dies at 71

11-01-17Martian Ridge Brings Out Curiosity Rover’s Color Talents

10-26-17All for One and One for All: Animal Health Surveillance and the One Health Initiative

10-24-17APL Laser Communications System Wins 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award

10-24-17Staff Members Come Through in Force to Support Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Efforts

10-19-17From Comets Come Planets

10-19-17Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Breaks Ground for Research and Development Facility

10-19-17Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Licenses Big-Data Analysis Tool to BullFrog AI

10-16-17Breakthrough Cuttable, Flexible, Submersible and Ballistic-Tested Lithium-Ion Battery Offers New Paradigm of Safety and Performance

10-12-17Public Health Officials Leverage APL-Developed Disease-Surveillance System to Manage Opioid Epidemic

10-11-17APL Systems Engineer, Cybersecurity Expert Receives Women of Color Technology Award

10-09-17New Research Allows Preservation of Therapeutics in Adverse Conditions

10-05-17Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Engineer Receives Navy Meritorious Public Service Award

10-03-17Former Deputy Defense Secretary Named APL Senior Fellow

09-29-17Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab’s Tom Krimigis Earns Top Honor From International Academy of Astronautics

09-28-17Fresh Look at Older Mars Data Yields Equatorial Surprise

09-26-17Autonomous Swarming Boats Make Great Waves at Navy and Marine Corps Exercise

09-15-17After a Mission of Amazing Science, APL Bids Farewell to Cassini

09-07-17Lab Licenses New Malware Detection Tool

09-06-17Jupiter’s Auroras Present a Powerful Mystery

09-06-17Water and Air: Flying Fish UAAV Can Go Anywhere

08-24-17APL Demonstrates High-Bandwidth Communications Capability at Sea

08-24-17RAVAN Takes Second Place at AIAA SmallSat Awards

08-23-17Johns Hopkins APL’s ‘Dragonfly’ Dual-Quadcopter Aims to Explore Titan, Saturn’s Largest Moon

08-09-17RAVAN CubeSat Measures Earth’s Outgoing Energy

08-09-17Johns Hopkins APL Board Member Roughead, Assistant Director Fox Appointed to Commission on the National Defense Strategy

08-01-17Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Chief of Staff Selected as INCOSE Fellow

07-28-17Cecil Haney, Sarah O’Hagan Join Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Board of Managers

07-28-17APL Scientists Named as American Geophysical Union Fellows

07-06-1729th SubTech Symposium Focuses on Undersea Challenges and Innovative Solutions

06-30-17NASA’s First Asteroid Deflection Mission Enters Next Design Phase at Johns Hopkins APL

06-28-17APL Engineer Honored by the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association

06-21-17Cool Power

06-07-17ASPIRE Students Win Big at Intel Regional Science Fair

05-25-17Scientists Marvel at First Returns From Juno Mission to Jupiter

05-23-17Using Virtual Reality to Teach Children of Servicemen and Women About Prosthetics

05-22-17New Research Determines How Rainfall Shaped Mars

05-10-17Lab Celebrates Innovations and Accomplishments at APL Achievement Awards

05-04-17Emelia Probasco Named Chief Communications Officer

05-01-17Rock Star: Asteroid Named after APL’s Ernst

04-26-17Johns Hopkins APL Hosts Baltimore/Washington D.C. Space Apps Challenge

04-24-17APL Researchers Suggest New Picture of the Sun’s Interaction with the Galaxy

04-19-17APL Collaborates with Facebook’s Building 8 on Breakthrough Brain–Computer Interface Technologies

04-19-17APL Named Top Supporter of HBCU Engineering Programs

04-13-17JHU Chemical Energy ‘Critical for Life’ Found on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

04-12-17JHU Student Racing Team Gets a Boost From APL Additive Manufacturing

04-10-17APL Helps Liberia Better Prepare for Health Threats

03-30-17Giare Appointed Air and Missile Defense Mission Area Executive

03-29-17NASA Selects APL-Managed Balloon Mission to Untangle the Complexities of the Interstellar Medium

03-28-17AIAA, Aviation Week Name Kumar a Future Engineering Leader

03-21-17Thousands Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Johns Hopkins APL

03-21-17APL Director Semmel Receives Maryland International Business Leadership Award

03-02-17RAVAN Earth Science CubeSat Records “First Light” Data

02-28-17Johns Hopkins APL to Host “Girl Power” STEM Event on March 12

02-14-17APL’s David Van Wie Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

02-09-17APL Gains Insight into Protecting Patients, Caregivers From Infectious Disease

02-09-17Researchers Directly Observe Concepts in Human Brain

02-07-17Johns Hopkins APL Plays Key Role as U.S., Japan Conduct First SM-3 Block IIA Intercept Test

01-17-17New DSB Report Explores Ways to Enhance U.S. Undersea Advantage Using Unmanned Systems

01-06-17Johns Hopkins APL Provides Key Instruments for NASA’s New Discovery Missions

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