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2015 Press Releases

12-16-15APL Awarded Silver Bicycle Friendly Business Award

12-11-15Aegis Ashore System Successfully Intercepts Target Missile at Pacific Test Range

12-11-15Johns Hopkins APL’s ASPIRE Program Welcomes Record 100 High School Students for 2015–2016 School Year

12-11-15APL Plays Key Role in Complex Operational Test of Missile Defense Agency Ballistic Missile Defense System

11-24-15APL’s Denevi, Armiger Earn Top Scientist, Engineer Honors From Maryland Academy

11-05-15NASA’s New Horizons Completes Record-Setting Kuiper Belt Targeting Maneuvers

10-27-15Ron Luman Inducted to George Washington University’s Engineering Hall of Fame

10-21-15Robert Farquhar, “Grand Master” of Celestial Maneuvers, Dies at Age 83

10-15-15New Horizons Team Publishes First Research Paper in Science, Describing Numerous Pluto System Findings

10-07-15New Emergency Alert Technology Could Fine-Tune Warnings for Smartphones

09-28-15NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

09-17-15TIMED Mission Celebrates 5,000 Days of Continuous Data Collection, Sixth Extended Mission

09-09-15Research Team Offers Path Toward Safer Fast-Charging of Lithium-Ion Batteries

09-01-15Johns Hopkins APL, Wilmer Eye Institute to Develop Tools to Detect Age-Related Macular Degeneration

08-24-15APL Staff Members to Receive Women of Color Technology Awards

07-20-15NASA’s New Horizons ‘Phones Home’ Safe after Pluto Flyby

07-16-15Media Advisory: Explore Pluto and NASA’s Historic New Horizons Mission at Plutopalooza July 18

07-13-15Lisa Blodgett Selected to Lead Force Projection at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

06-19-15Johns Hopkins APL Teams with NASA JPL to Visit Jupiter’s Moon, Europa

06-11-15NASA Funds Johns Hopkins APL Miniature Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

06-08-15Johns Hopkins APL Plays Key Role in Successful Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System Test

05-27-15Two Johns Hopkins APL Instruments Selected for NASA Mission to Explore Europa

05-26-15Former NATO Commander Adm. James G. Stavridis Joins Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory as Senior Fellow

05-01-15Former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead Joins Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Board

04-30-15NASA Completes MESSENGER Mission with Expected Impact on Mercury’s Surfaces

04-29-15APL Recognizes Top Inventions, Innovations and Publications

04-29-15NASA’s New Horizons Detects Surface Features, Possible Polar Cap on Pluto

04-21-15APL Scientists and Spacecraft Engineers Join Astronomy Day Celebration at Robinson Nature Center

04-20-15ORS CubeSats Close Out a Successful Test

04-16-15NASA Celebrates MESSENGER Mission Prior to Surface Impact of Mercury

04-10-15Nothing but Helium: Correction Maneuver Puts MESSENGER Right on Course

04-08-15NASA Gives Green Light for Johns Hopkins APL to Begin Building Solar Probe Plus Spacecraft

03-26-15APL Space Scientist Receives National Air and Space Museum’s Lifetime Achievement Trophy

03-24-15Johns Hopkins APL Hosts Baltimore-Washington Space Apps Challenge, April 11–12

03-19-15Media Advisory: “Sustaining Our Technological Edge – Facing Up to the Challenges”

03-19-15College Teams Attempt to Stay “On Track” Against Cyberattacks

03-18-15With the End in Sight, MESSENGER Marks Four Years at Mercury

03-04-15New Materials Discovered to Detect Neutrons Emitted by Radioactive Materials

02-26-15Johns Hopkins APL to Host “Girl Power” STEM Event on March 8

02-11-15Researchers Reduce Shunt Maintenance for Hydrocephalus Patients

02-04-15New Horizons Returns New Images of Pluto

02-03-15Six APL Engineers to Receive Black Engineer of the Year Awards

01-15-15New Horizons Begins First Stages of Pluto Encounter

01-14-15Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Receives $4 Million to Develop a Retinal Prosthesis

01-09-15Eminent Defense Figures Join Hopkins APL as Senior Fellows

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