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2012 Press Releases

12-04-12Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Launches Parent STEM Workshop

12-03-12 NASA’s Voyager 1 Cruising on a ‘Magnetic Highway’

11-29-12MESSENGER Finds New Evidence for Water Ice at Mercury’s Poles

11-09-12NASA Renames Mission to Honor James Van Allen, Pioneering Physicist and APL Trailblazer

10-04-12MESSENGER Mission Receives Prestigious IAA Award

09-20-12Dawn Spacecraft Sees Hydrated Minerals on Giant Asteroid

09-11-12APL and Robinson Nature Center Offer Space Science Lectures

08-31-12APL Partners with Hopkins Medicine on $8.9 Million Program to Improve Patient Safety

08-30-12NASA Launches Radiation Belt Storm Probes

08-10-12NASA Sets Radiation Belt Storm Probes Launch Events Coverage

08-09-12NASA Mission Ready to Brave Earth’s Radiation Belts

08-09-12International Astronomical Union Approves Names for Nine Mercury Craters

08-03-12MESSENGER Marks 8th Anniversary of Launch

06-28-12APL Employee Group Celebrates Inaugural ‘Pride Month’

06-27-12APL Plays Key Role in Successful Test of Critical Missile Defense System

06-22-12MESSENGER Completes Its 1,000th Orbit of Mercury

05-22-12MESSENGER Measures Waves at the Boundary of Mercury’s Magnetosphere

05-17-12Johns Hopkins APL Successfully Tests Next-Generation Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System

05-09-12NASA Mars Spacecraft Detects Large Changes In Martian Sand Dunes

05-08-12MESSENGER Gains Deputy Principal Investigator

05-03-12MESSENGER’s Cameras Capture 100,000th Image From Mercury Orbit

05-01-12NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes Arrive at Kennedy Space Center

04-26-12Dr. Seuss, Alvin Ailey among the Names Selected for 23 Mercury Craters

04-25-12Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Names 2011 Best Inventions

04-20-12MESSENGER Settles into Eight-Hour Orbit Around Mercury, Poised for New Discoveries

04-19-12APL-Developed Prosthetic Limb System Featured on the Cover of Popular Mechanics

04-16-12MESSENGER Adjusts Orbit for a Closer Look at Mercury

04-05-12MESSENGER Images Debut on “The Big Bang Theory”

03-23-12MESSENGER App Now Available

03-23-12Happy Birthday Titan!

03-21-12MESSENGER Provides New Look at Mercury’s Landscape, Metallic Core, and Polar Shadows

03-19-12MESSENGER Completes Primary Mission at Mercury, Settles in for Another Year

03-08-12MESSENGER Team Delivers Data From First Full Mercury Solar Day to Planetary Data System

03-08-12Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory: 70 Years of Critical Contributions

03-05-12Solar Probe Plus Moves to Next Design Stage

03-02-12MESSENGER Modifies Orbit to Prepare for Extended Mission

02-28-12APL Hosts ‘Girl Power: Reach for the Sky’

02-20-12Black Engineers Honor APL’s Danielle Hilliard for Community Service

02-03-12Software Enables Efficient Planning of MESSENGER Observations

02-01-12Applied Physics Lab Named One of Baltimore’s ‘Best Places to Work’

2011 Press Releases

12-22-11A Christmas Crater on Mercury

12-20-11APL Discovery Gives Advance Warning of Catastrophic Failure in Lithium Ion Batteries

12-20-11Applied Physics Lab Names New Executive for Research and Exploratory Development Business Area

12-16-11MESSENGER Among Discover Magazine’s Top 100 Stories of 2011

12-07-11TIMED Atmospheric Spacecraft Marks 10 Years of Groundbreaking Science

12-07-11APL Wins Bike Friendly Business Award

12-06-11NASA’s Voyager Hits New Region at Solar System Edge

12-05-11NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes Ready for Space Environment Tests

12-05-11MESSENGER Team Presents Latest Mercury Findings at AGU Fall Meeting

11-21-11APL Proposes First Global Orbital Observation Program

11-18-11NASA Orbiter Captures Martian Sand Dunes in Motion

11-18-11MESSENGER Recognized as “Best of What’s New” by Popular Science

11-16-11Scientists Find Evidence for Subsurface ‘Great Lake’ on Europa

11-14-11NASA Extends MESSENGER Mission

11-03-11APL’s Emerging Technology and Innovation Manager to Leverage New, Innovative Technology

11-03-11MESSENGER Mission Design Lead Named American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Fellow

11-02-11NASA Study: On Mars, Water Went Underground

10-26-11Alvin R. Eaton, Aerodynamics Pioneer, Dies at Age 91

10-24-11Fourth Orbit Adjustment Stretches MESSENGER’s Orbit around Mercury

10-19-11NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Detects Comet Storm in Nearby Solar System

10-05-11MESSENGER Team Presents New Mercury Findings at Planetary Conference

10-04-11APL Builds on Earth Science Success with New Hosted Payload Proposal

09-29-11Orbital Observations of Mercury Reveal Flood Lavas, Hollows, and Unprecedented Surface Details

09-27-11MESSENGER Reveals New Details of Planet Mercury

09-08-11MESSENGER Team Delivers First Orbital Data to Planetary Data System

09-07-11MESSENGER Navigates Second Hot Season, Executes Third Orbit-Correction Maneuver

08-17-11APL Planetary Scientist Elected Fellow of Geological Society of America

08-15-11MESSENGER Co-Investigator Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America

08-05-11Space Scientists Seek Returns From JEDI

08-04-11Industry Team Contributes to Precision Tracking Space System Project

08-03-11MESSENGER Marks Seventh Anniversary of Launch

07-27-11MESSENGER Makes Another Successful Orbit Adjustment

07-26-11Johns Hopkins APL ‘Mars Explorers’ Receive NASA Awards

07-21-11APL Names Schatz Head of Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center and Science and Technology Business Area

07-05-11American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Honors MESSENGER Team Leaders

06-22-11MESSENGER Science Team Member Receives NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal

06-16-11MESSENGER Data From Mercury Orbit Confirm Theories, Offer Surprises

06-15-11MESSENGER Adjusts Its Orbit around Mercury

06-15-11NASA’s Voyager Probe Edges Closer to Interstellar Space

06-14-11Johns Hopkins APL to Host International Conference on Low-Cost Planetary Missions

06-13-11MESSENGER Endures Its First Hot Season

06-10-11NASA Releasing New Spacecraft Orbital Views of Mercury

06-02-11Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Prosthetic Control Software to HDT Robotics

05-16-11APL-Built Plasma Detector Launches on Space Shuttle Endeavour; ‘Canary’ is Bound for International Space Station

05-12-11Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Names 2010 Best Inventions: Medical and National Security Breakthroughs Share Top Honors

05-06-11Sailing the Titan Seas: NASA Selects Mission to Saturn’s Moon for Discovery Program Development

05-06-11100 Orbits and Counting

05-03-11Measuring Mercury’s Surface Composition

04-26-11Profiling Polar Craters with the Mercury Laser Altimeter

04-20-11Icy Moon Zaps Saturn with Electron Beams: Hopkins APL Camera Captures Auroral Activity Between Enceladus and Saturn

04-19-11Mercury’s Exosphere: A Brief Overview

04-04-11MESSENGER Kicks Off Yearlong Campaign of Mercury Science

03-29-11MESSENGER Sends Back First Image of Mercury From Orbit

03-28-11NASA to Release MESSENGER’s First Orbital Images Of Mercury

03-21-11Johns Hopkins University Names APL’s Sommerer as Inaugural Gilman Scholar

03-21-11Spacecraft Data Confirm MESSENGER Orbit and Operation

03-17-11MESSENGER Begins Historic Orbit around Mercury

03-17-11Cassini Sees Seasonal Rains Transform Titan’s Surface

03-16-11MESSENGER On Autopilot for Orbit Insertion

03-15-11MESSENGER Primed for Mercury Orbit

03-10-11NASA Media Telecon Previews First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury

03-09-11Some of Mars’ Missing Carbon Dioxide May Be Buried

03-07-11Ten Days From Mercury Orbit Insertion

02-18-11A Solar System Family Portrait, From the Inside Out

02-17-11One Month Until Mercury Orbit Insertion

02-16-11Black Engineers Name APL’s McCrary Top Scientist

02-02-11Cyril J. O’Brien – Oldest Marine War Correspondent – Dies at 92

01-17-11APL Named to Baltimore Magazine’s ‘Best Places To Work’ Hall of Fame

01-12-11Galpin Named Assistant Director for Programs at APL

2010 Press Releases

12-20-10Kurt Lindstrom Named Civilian Space Business Area Executive at APL

12-17-10APL Instrument on NASA Spacecraft Provides Travel Tips for Mars Rover

12-16-10APL Director Emeritus Roca Inducted as Member of Pan American Academy of Engineering

12-15-10Hot Plasma Explosions Inflate Saturn’s Magnetic Field

12-14-10Nearing Interstellar Space, NASA Probe Sees Solar Wind Decline

12-13-10Mystery on Saturn’s Satellite: Icy Debris Formed Iapetus’ Ridge?

12-13-10Applied Physics Laboratory’s Jack Roberts Named American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow

11-03-10Luman Named Assistant Director for Strategy at APL

11-03-10Krill Named Assistant Director for Science and Technology at APL

11-01-10APL-Led Atmospheric Mission Extended for Fourth Time

10-31-10APL Mars Instrument Helps Find Signs of a Wet and Cozy Martian Past

10-20-10To the Moon!: Maryland Students to Become Lunar Explorers on October 22

10-04-10Using Hubble, APL Scientists Observe Comet 103P/Hartley 2 in Preparation for DIXI Flyby

09-03-10Target NEO: APL Team Shapes Robotic ‘Precursor’ Mission for Human Exploration of an Asteroid

08-18-10APL-Led Team Demonstrates Space Weather Observation System

07-22-10Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Breaks Ground for Spacecraft Integration Facility

07-15-10MESSENGER Reveals New Information about Mercury’s Exosphere, Volcanism, and Magnetic Substorms

07-14-10Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Awarded DARPA Funding to Test Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Limb

06-24-10New Clues Suggest Wet Era on Early Mars Was Global

06-09-10Semmel Named Next Director of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

05-26-10Scientists Create First Global Geological Map of Solar System’s Largest Moon

05-21-10JHU Physicians, Engineers Apply Systems Engineering to Improve Infusion Pump Safety

04-30-10APL Scientist Detects Ice on an Asteroid

04-08-10Johns Hopkins APL Names Invention of the Year

03-29-10Gary Sullins, APL Aerospace Engineer, Receives Missile Defense Agency Technology Achievement Award

03-09-10Secretary of the Navy to Headline Climate, Energy Conference

02-16-10Sommerer to Head Space Department at Johns Hopkins APL

02-11-10Layers Piled in Martian Crater Record a History of Changes

02-02-10Suspected Asteroid Collision Leaves Odd X-Pattern of Trailing Debris

01-28-10Johns Hopkins APL’s LaPlante Named to Defense Science Board

01-21-10APL Receives $24.7 Million to Build Prototype Cyber Range

01-11-10APL Scientist Readies for Spaceflight Training

2009 Press Releases

12-18-09MESSENGER Probe Earns Praise From Popular Press

12-10-09Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Patents for Innovative Solar Power Source to Genesis Electronics

11-03-09MESSENGER Spacecraft Reveals More Hidden Territory on Mercury

10-15-09Cassini Helps Redraw Shape of Solar System

10-09-09APL Satellite Facility Tracks NASA Lunar Impact Mission

10-08-09APL Licenses 3-D Scanning Technology

08-21-09APL Develops Virtual Learning Software for Baltimore County Public Schools

08-12-09JHU Applied Physics Lab Breaks Ground on Building for Space Department

07-31-09Missile Defense Weapon System Tests Showcase APL Expertise

07-08-09APL Part of International Team Expanding Space Weather Radar Network

05-26-09Astronauts Jones and Arnold, Sen. Mikulski to Join Celebration of ‘Maryland’s Place in Space’ on June 1

05-13-09Medical, Micromechanical Breakthroughs Share Invention of Year Award

04-22-09JHU Applied Physics Lab Employees Volunteer for Honor Flight

04-16-09APL Earns AS9100 Certification for Space Activities

04-14-09Capturing a Solar Storm in 3-D

03-24-09APL Device Prevents Electrical ‘Backfeeding’

02-26-09Cassini Maps Global Pattern of Titan’s Dunes

02-03-09Johns Hopkins APL Analyst Explores America’s Struggle in the 9/11 War, Proposes a Way Ahead for Future U.S. Response

01-29-09Cassini Finds Hydrocarbon Rains May Fill Lakes on Saturn’s Moon Titan

01-27-09APL Selected to Help Engineer National Cyber Range

01-21-09APL to Investigate the Lunar Poles

01-15-09APL-Developed Aerial Technology Receives Homeland Security Secretary’s Team Excellence Award

01-08-09NASA to Study the Radiation Belts: Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Developing Twin Spacecraft

2008 Press Releases

12-18-08Scientists Find ‘Missing’ Mineral and New Mars Mysteries

12-12-08MESSENGER Team to Present New Mercury Science Results at AGU Fall Meeting

11-17-08APL Named Howard County’s Top Technology Company

10-29-08MESSENGER Reveals More “Hidden” Territory on Mercury

10-28-08CRISM Reveals Details of a Wetter Mars

10-07-08MESSENGER Reveals Mercury as Never Seen Before

10-01-08MESSENGER Returns to Mercury

09-17-08APL Spectrometer’s Coverage of Mars Continues to Grow

07-21-08APL-Led Team Wins NSF Grant to Develop New Observatory for Earth’s Space Environment

07-18-08NASA Lauds Two APL-Led Space Missions

07-17-08Asteroid Named for Johns Hopkins

07-16-08Mission Complete: APL-Operated Midcourse Space Experiment Ends

07-16-08New Findings Show Diverse, Wet Environments on Ancient Mars

07-09-08Voyager 2 Finds Edge of Solar System more Complex than Predicted

07-03-08MESSENGER Settles Old Debates and Makes New Discoveries at Mercury

06-20-08APL’s Jim McAdams Named AIAA Engineer of the Year

06-18-08Aspiring Engineers Come to Maryland for National MESA Competition

06-13-08APL Supports Dual-Target Tracking Exercise

06-05-08APL Helps Enhance Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Capability

05-30-08Andrew Cheng Named Chief Scientist for APL Space Department

05-20-08Storm Winds Blow in Jupiter’s Little Red Spot

05-15-08Conference to Grapple with Planet Definitions

05-01-08NASA Calls on APL to Send a Probe to the Sun

04-28-08Mercury Features Receive New Names

04-21-08New Online Map Reveals Evidence of the Forces that Once Shaped Mars

04-18-08Design Begins on Twin Probes that Will Study the Radiation Belts

04-18-08Maryland Students to Celebrate Earth Day by Exploring Sun–Earth Connections at APL

04-17-08Hopkins APL Aeronautical Engineer Receives Missile Defense Agency Pioneer Award

04-16-08Johns Hopkins APL Names Inventions of the Year

03-28-08High School Students Help Explore Mars through Innovative Program

03-20-08Cassini Spacecraft Finds Ocean May Exist Beneath Titan’s Crust

03-06-08Saturn’s Moon Rhea May Also Have Rings

02-28-08A Clear Vision: APL Licenses Eye Drops That Reduce Laser-Surgery ‘Haze’

02-27-08APL Engineer Receives the 2008 Black Engineer of the Year Award for Outstanding Technical Contribution in Government

02-13-08Titan’s Surface Organics Surpass Oil Reserves on Earth

02-04-08DARPA Gives APL-Led Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Team Green Light for Phase 2

01-30-08Surprises Stream Back From Mercury’s MESSENGER

01-10-08MESSENGER Set for Historic Mercury Flyby

2007 Press Releases

12-19-07Global Map Reveals Mineral Distribution on Mars

12-17-07Historic Test Off Hawaii’s Coast

12-12-07Cassini Captures Best View Yet of Saturn’s Ring Currents

11-15-07APL Researchers Zoom In on Heart of Mystery Comet

10-30-07New Aerial Technology For Homeland Security Unveiled By State, Federal, and University Partners

10-12-07Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Team Receives Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

10-03-07APL Astronomer Spies Conditions ‘Just Right’ for Building an Earth

08-28-07APL, European Scientists Glean Turbulent Lessons From Titan

08-23-07APL-Developed Automated Signaling Device Could Indicate Boats in Distress

08-01-07APL’s Glen Fountain Earns AIAA von Braun Award For Space Program Management

07-23-07Applied Physics Lab Pioneer Receives National Medal of Science

07-19-07Scientists Find Comet’s Chemistry Is Same Inside and Out

06-23-07APL: A Technical Lead in Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test

05-16-07Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Space Scientist Honored as AIAA Fellow

05-01-07Maryland Students to Learn About Exploring Pluto in May 4th ‘Space Academy’ Event at APL

04-26-07APL: Player in Hawaii-based Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test

04-26-07Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Team Delivers First DARPA Limb Prototype

04-17-07Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Names Inventions of the Year

04-11-07APL to Salute Top Inventions, Inventors at 04-17 Event

04-04-07APL-operated Spacecraft Recognized by Missile Defense Agency’s Technology Pioneer Award

03-09-07Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Breaks Ground for Largest Building

03-09-07APL-Built Microscopic Instrument Launched Aboard Air Force Academy Satellite

02-28-07Pluto-Bound New Horizons Spacecraft Gets a Boost From Jupiter

02-21-07APL, SAIS to Host 2nd Annual Symposium on Meeting the Unrestricted Warfare Threat

02-19-07APL Licenses Arc-Fault Detection Technology

02-16-07APL’s Paul Spudis to Discuss a Return to the Moon at the AAAS 2007 Annual Meeting

01-31-07Space Technology Benefits Medical Community

01-24-07Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Celebrates Black History Month

01-23-07Twin APL-Built Spacecraft Swing Past Moon, Preparing for 3-D Solar Studies

01-18-07Zooming to Pluto, APL-Built New Horizons Spacecraft Closes in on Jupiter

01-11-07NASA Briefing to Preview Jupiter Flyby of APL-Managed Pluto Mission

2006 Press Releases

12-08-06Researchers Identify Driver for Near-Earth Space Weather

12-08-06TIMED Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary: Several AGU Sessions Showcase Mission Accomplishments

12-01-06Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Opens CDC-Funded Center in Public Health Informatics

11-08-06APL Awarded Air Force Space-Sensor Contract

11-06-06Engineer at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Makes Scientific American’s Annual Top 50 List

11-01-06Kristin Gray Named Head of APL’s Technology Transfer Office

10-25-06Twin APL-Built, Solar-Studying Spacecraft Successfully Launched

10-16-06NASA Orbiter Reveals New Details of Mars, Young and Old

10-05-06Lisa Blodgett Sets Priorities for Undersea Warfare Business Area at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

10-05-06Tim Collins to Lead Precision Engagement Business Area at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

10-03-06NASA Awards Research, Development and Engineering Contract to the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

09-27-06APL-Built Mineral-Mapping Imager Begins Mission at Mars

09-12-06FDA Approves Use of APL-Developed Bone Density Technology

09-12-06Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Security System that Instantly Identifies, Tracks Gunshot Incidents

08-24-06Robert Strain to Head Space Department at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

08-17-06Two APL-Built Spacecraft Set for 08-31 Launch

06-29-06Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Technology to Evaluate Air and Water

06-23-06Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test a Success

06-23-06APL’s T. Adrian Hill Named AIAA Engineer of the Year

06-22-06Pluto’s Two Small Moons Christened Nix and Hydra

05-24-06Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Names Inventions of the Year

05-24-06Two APL-Built Instruments Observe Recent Total Solar Eclipse

05-24-06Atmospheric Study Shows Similarities in Sun’s Effects on Earth and Mars

05-24-06APL to Build Radiation Belt Storm Probes

05-22-06APL-Led TIMED Mission Extended for Second Time

05-03-06Twin APL-Built Spacecraft Begin Launch Preparations in Florida

04-27-06APL Researchers Use Hubble to Track Comet’s Spectacular Breakup

04-24-06Applied Physics Lab Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Midcourse Space Experiment Satellite

04-19-06David V. Kalbaugh Receives Secretary of Defense Medal

04-05-06Applied Physics Laboratory Among Recipients of Missile Defense Agency’s First Technology Pioneer Award

03-24-06Doshi to Head Research and Technology Development Center at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

03-13-06Microscopic Radiator Flying on “Skin” of a NASA Spacecraft

03-10-06A Colorful Discovery about Pluto’s Moons

02-22-06Researchers Describe Discovery of Pluto’s New Moons

02-09-06APL to Lead Team Developing Revolutionary Prosthesis

02-07-06Hopkins APL Licenses Bone Health Analysis Technology

02-03-06Happy 100th Birthday, Clyde Tombaugh! New Horizons Mission Salutes Pluto’s Discoverer

01-30-06New Horizons Successfully Performs First Post-Launch Maneuvers

01-26-06APL Licenses Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Portfolio

01-19-06NASA’s Pluto Mission Launched Toward New Horizons

2005 Press Releases

12-12-05MESSENGER Engine Burn Puts Spacecraft on Track for Venus

11-18-05APL Provides Unique View of Successful Intercept Test

11-17-05APL Contributions Are Integral Part of Missile Defense Test

11-09-05Coming Soon: The Sun in 3-D Twin APL-Built Solar Probes Shipped to NASA Goddard for Pre-launch Tests

10-31-05Technology Contributors Selected to Develop Human Computer Interface Components for J-UCAS Common Operating System

10-24-05Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory to Apply Space Research Expertise to Develop Deep Space Navigation Network

10-13-05APL Names Krill as Assistant Director for Programs

10-03-05Semmel to Head New Applied Information Sciences Department

10-03-05Sommerer Appointed Director of Science and Technology

09-26-05APL-Built Pluto Spacecraft Begins Launch Preparations

09-19-05APL Licenses Technology to Detect Explosives

08-26-05Movie Headlines MESSENGER Earth Flyby Gallery

08-12-05Powerful Mineral Mapper Headed to Mars

08-08-05Alexander Kossiakoff, Guided Missile Pioneer and Former Director of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Dies at 91

07-11-05APL Opens Norfolk Office to Support Joint Forces Command

07-06-05Grant Heads APL Air Defense Systems Department

06-30-05APL Employee Earns Navy’s Highest Civilian Honor

06-24-05Two APL Staff Members Earn Navy’s Highest Civilian Honor

06-13-05Journey Begins for NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft

05-31-05MESSENGER Peeks at Earth

04-27-05Regional Public Health Officials Test APL-Developed Disease Surveillance System

04-25-05Crawford Heads Space Department at Johns Hopkins APL

04-21-05Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Names Inventions of the Year

04-18-05Johns Hopkins APL to Announce Top Inventions, Inventors at 04-21 Event

04-15-05Wells Appointed General Counsel for Johns Hopkins APL

04-15-05Langhauser Appointed Johns Hopkins APL’s Chief Financial Officer

02-25-05Cassini Captures First-Ever Photographs of Saturn’s Radiation Belts

02-24-05APL Contributions Aid Missile Defense Flight Test

01-27-05APL Licenses Computerized Heart Sound Analysis Techniques

01-18-05Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Space Scientist Honored as AAAS Fellow; Homeric Award Recipient

2004 Press Releases

2003 Press Releases

12-19-03MESSENGER Shipped to Goddard for Prelaunch Testing

12-11-03APL Plays Key Role in Successful Missile Defense Flight Test

12-01-03Wildfires on the Sun: TIMED Records Impact of Record-Setting Solar Flares

11-05-03Voyager 1 Approaches Solar System’s Outer Limits

10-30-03Johns Hopkins APL Named Howard County ‘Business of the Year’

10-24-03Washingtonian Magazine Selects Johns Hopkins APL as a Great Place to Work

10-07-03Students to Get an Inside Look at NASA’s First Mercury Orbiter Mission

10-03-03Bill LaPlante to Head Strategic Systems Department at Johns Hopkins APL

10-01-03NASA’s TIMED Mission Extended for Future Studies

09-30-03Demonstrations Show Satellites Extend Range of DoD Sensor Network Technology

09-26-03APL Creates System to Detect Digital Video Tampering

09-05-03APL Researcher Assists Rosetta Comet Mission

09-03-03Harry Charles to Head Tech Services Department at Johns Hopkins APL

09-02-03New Communication Technologies to be Showcased at Johns Hopkins APL

06-03-03CEC Prototypes Delivered to U.K.

05-28-03APL Awarded 2003 James W. Rouse Diversity Award

05-07-03Johns Hopkins APL Names Its Top Three Inventions of the Year

04-28-03APL’s Mars Imager Marks Successful Design Review

04-28-03APL Hosts Student Robotic Competition May 6

04-09-03Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission Moves Ahead

04-07-03Johns Hopkins APL Licenses ‘Safe Buildings’ System to Neutralize Biological Threats

02-27-03Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Discover Massive Gas Cloud Around Jupiter

02-20-03Larry Kohlenstein Named Chief Financial Officer at Johns Hopkins APL

01-27-03Johns Hopkins CEPAR Kicks into Action During ‘Shadow Bowl’ Event

01-23-03Johns Hopkins Options Heart Diagnostics Technologies to Zargis Medical Corporation

01-23-03APL to Implement NASA Geospace Missions

01-13-03Johns Hopkins APL Announces First U.S. Application of New Simulation Standard

2002 Press Releases

12-17-02Student Science Instrument Selected for Ride to Pluto

12-16-02APL Names Security Officer of the Year

11-21-02JHU/APL and Software Engineering Institute Forge Strategic Partnership

11-08-02JHU/APL United Way Donations Top $600,000

11-04-02New Horizons Passes Key Milestone

10-17-02Bohn and Suther to Head Information Technology Service Department

09-27-02JHU/APL Awarded $1.75 Billion Navy Contract

09-13-02JHU/APL Plays Key Role in Flight Test of Navy’s Next-Generation Tomahawk Cruise Missile

09-12-02Johns Hopkins APL Launches Online Next Generation Sensor Initiative

07-25-02Maryland MESA Students Take Second Place in National Competition

07-23-02Farrar Recognized as ‘Rising Star’ at Tech Conference

07-03-02CONTOUR Spacecraft Launches From Cape Canaveral

06-28-02CONTOUR Launch Postponed

06-24-02APL-Developed DoD Capability Approved for Production and Deployment

06-17-02APL Technology Cornerstone of First Fully Integrated Hypersonic Cruise Missile Engine Test

06-12-02CONTOUR Readies for Unprecedented Comet Study

06-10-02CONTOUR Prelaunch Briefing Set for 06-12

05-28-02NASA Spacecraft Provides Critical Link in Sun–Earth Chain; TIMED Observes Atmosphere’s Response to Recent Solar Storms

05-06-02Local Students to Learn About Exploring Mars From Maryland

04-30-02Tumor-Imaging Technique is Named Johns Hopkins APL Top Invention of the Year

04-25-02Johns Hopkins APL Building a Better Mine Detector

04-23-02CONTOUR Ships to the Cape

04-22-02Johns Hopkins APL to Reveal Top Inventions at 04-30 Ceremony

04-15-02Howard County, Md., Presents ‘Friends of Education’ Award to APL

04-15-02Aviation Week Magazine Honors Johns Hopkins APL and NEAR Mission for Space Advances

03-29-02ASA’s MESSENGER Project Cleared to Build Spacecraft

03-05-02Johns Hopkins APL Employee Named Year’s Most Promising Black Engineer

03-05-02Black Engineering Magazine Recognizes Johns Hopkins APL for Technical Achievement and Diversity

02-21-02New Horizons Team Plots a Faster Path to Pluto

02-12-02APL Licenses Flight Navigation Software Technology

02-11-02Global Study Underway of Atmospheric Frontier

01-29-02CONTOUR Spacecraft Shipped to Goddard for Prelaunch Testing

01-04-02Comet-Chasing Spacecraft Nears Completion at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

2001 Press Releases

12-20-01Top Navy Awards Presented to APL and Former Assistant Director

12-20-01APL Staffer to Carry Olympic Torch in Baltimore

12-19-01APL Engineer to Lead Space Research Team

12-18-01APL Licenses Map Technology to North Star Science and Technology

12-11-01APL Names Security Officer of the Year

12-07-01TIMED Atmospheric Spacecraft Successfully Launched

12-05-01Md. MESA Program Wins $10,000 Presidential Award

11-30-01NASA Taps APL Team for First Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission

11-19-01Spacecraft to Explore Atmospheric Frontier Set for 12-Launch

11-14-01Smithsonian Selects NEAR Mission for 2001 Aerospace Trophy

11-14-01NEAR Mission Picked for Popular Science ‘Best of What’s New’ Award

11-09-01APL Joins Search for Water on Mars

10-30-01APL Hosts Space Academy

10-18-01APL Licenses Retinal Treatment Method to Novadaq Technologies

10-18-01APL Technology Drives Maryland Vehicle-Screening Initiative

10-09-01APL Announces License Agreement with EMS Technologies

10-01-01APL’s Ronald J. Vauk, killed on Sept. 11, 2001

09-25-01Jazz Concert to Benefit Scholarship Fund

09-10-01APL Announces Strategic R&D Alliance with Arbitron Inc.

07-25-01APL’s Antoine and Lilly Honored at Women of Color Conference

07-16-01JHU/APL Names Richard Suess Chief of Staff

07-10-01Maryland MESA Students Take Second Place in First National Competition

07-09-01APL Awarded $600 Million Contract to Study Solar Effects

06-12-01Krill to Head APL’s Power Projection Systems Department

06-08-01NASA Selects APL’s Pluto Mission Proposal for Further Study

06-07-01NASA OKs Final Development for MESSENGER Mission

05-30-01Kalbaugh Appointed Assistant Director, Programs, at JHU/APL

05-30-01Eric Bohn Named CIO at JHU/APL

05-30-01APL Ships Atmospheric Spacecraft for Upcoming Launch

05-11-01Haze-Preventing Eye Drops Named APL Invention of the Year

05-02-01‘Space Academy’ Coming to APL

04-26-01JHU/APL to Honor Top Inventors, Inventions on May 11

04-20-01NEAR Team Studies Small-Scale Features on Eros

04-17-01U.S. Army and JHU Launch Biotechnology Partnership

04-03-01NSBRI Funds Five Biomedical Projects at Johns Hopkins APL

03-27-01JHU/APL Receives Governor’s Citation for Scientific Achievement

03-22-01The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Announces Licensing Agreement with Goodrich

03-15-01APL Advances Propulsion Technology for Hypersonic Missile Applications

03-02-01JHU/APL Hosts Media Event. Reporters Invited to Go Behind the Scenes of a Mission to Explore One of the Last Frontiers in Earth’s Atmosphere

02-28-01The End of an Asteroidal Adventure. NEAR Shoemaker Phones Home for the Last Time

02-22-01JHU/APL Broadens Use of Its Satellite Communications Facility

02-20-01JHU/APL Wins 2001 Pre-College Program of the Year Award

02-14-01NEAR Shoemaker’s Historic Landing on Eros Exceeds Science, Engineering Expectations

02-12-01NEAR Shoemaker Makes Historic Touchdown on Asteroid Eros

01-31-01NEAR Mission Meets Science Goals; Ready for First-Ever Controlled Descent to an Asteroid

01-23-01Cassini Camera Visualizes the Invisible During Jupiter Flyby

01-10-01APL Explores New Wind Tunnel Model Fabrication Method

01-10-01NEAR Shoemaker Primed for Final Weeks in Orbit

2000 Press Releases

12-18-00APL Researchers Now Able to Map Global Space Weather

12-13-00NEAR Shoemaker Engine Burn Puts Spacecraft on Track for Final Months in Orbit

11-17-00APL Hosts Student Press Conference; Local Students Go Behind the Scenes of a Maryland-Based Space Mission

10-24-00NEAR Scientists Gathering Solid Data on Complex Asteroid Eros

10-23-00NEAR Shoemaker Closes in for Unprecedented View of an Asteroid

10-06-00APL Hosts First On-Site Career Fair: 10-14

10-06-00NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin to Speak at JHU/APL Colloquium

10-05-00Applied Physics Lab Tops United Way Campaign Goal

09-21-00NEAR Mission Discoveries Highlighted in Latest Issue of Science

08-10-00Researchers Find Evidence of Folds on Europa, Provide Clues About Evolution of Jovian Moon’s Surface

08-08-00APL Licenses Internet Technologies to Sphere Corporation

06-28-00Food Toxin Sensor Selected as Johns Hopkins APL Invention of the Year

06-12-00JHU/APL to Honor Inventors at 06-27 Ceremony

06-06-00APL Launches Spin-off Company to Commercialize Software

05-30-00NEAR Shoemaker Observations Link Eros to Primordial Solar System

05-05-00International Conference Attendees Examine, Outline Successful Elements of Low-Cost Space Missions

05-02-00APL Licenses Innovative Retinal Treatment Technology to Akorn, Inc.

04-28-00APL Applies its Expertise to Maryland Company

04-20-00International Conference to Focus on Status, Future of Low-Cost Planetary Missions

03-14-00NEAR Spacecraft Renamed for Planetary Science Pioneer

03-13-00NEAR Team Reports Exciting First Month of Asteroid Eros Exploration

02-17-00NEAR Team Digs into Early Data From Eros

02-13-00NEAR Captures an Asteroid’s Heart

02-08-00NEAR Poised for Historic Asteroid Encounter

1999 Press Releases

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