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2012 Press Releases

12-04-12Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Launches Parent STEM Workshop

12-03-12 NASA’s Voyager 1 Cruising on a ‘Magnetic Highway’

11-29-12MESSENGER Finds New Evidence for Water Ice at Mercury’s Poles

11-09-12NASA Renames Mission to Honor James Van Allen, Pioneering Physicist and APL Trailblazer

10-04-12MESSENGER Mission Receives Prestigious IAA Award

09-20-12Dawn Spacecraft Sees Hydrated Minerals on Giant Asteroid

09-11-12APL and Robinson Nature Center Offer Space Science Lectures

08-31-12APL Partners with Hopkins Medicine on $8.9 Million Program to Improve Patient Safety

08-30-12NASA Launches Radiation Belt Storm Probes

08-10-12NASA Sets Radiation Belt Storm Probes Launch Events Coverage

08-09-12NASA Mission Ready to Brave Earth’s Radiation Belts

08-09-12International Astronomical Union Approves Names for Nine Mercury Craters

08-03-12MESSENGER Marks 8th Anniversary of Launch

06-28-12APL Employee Group Celebrates Inaugural ‘Pride Month’

06-27-12APL Plays Key Role in Successful Test of Critical Missile Defense System

06-22-12MESSENGER Completes Its 1,000th Orbit of Mercury

05-22-12MESSENGER Measures Waves at the Boundary of Mercury’s Magnetosphere

05-17-12Johns Hopkins APL Successfully Tests Next-Generation Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System

05-09-12NASA Mars Spacecraft Detects Large Changes In Martian Sand Dunes

05-08-12MESSENGER Gains Deputy Principal Investigator

05-03-12MESSENGER’s Cameras Capture 100,000th Image From Mercury Orbit

05-01-12NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes Arrive at Kennedy Space Center

04-26-12Dr. Seuss, Alvin Ailey among the Names Selected for 23 Mercury Craters

04-25-12Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Names 2011 Best Inventions

04-20-12MESSENGER Settles into Eight-Hour Orbit Around Mercury, Poised for New Discoveries

04-19-12APL-Developed Prosthetic Limb System Featured on the Cover of Popular Mechanics

04-16-12MESSENGER Adjusts Orbit for a Closer Look at Mercury

04-05-12MESSENGER Images Debut on “The Big Bang Theory”

03-23-12MESSENGER App Now Available

03-23-12Happy Birthday Titan!

03-21-12MESSENGER Provides New Look at Mercury’s Landscape, Metallic Core, and Polar Shadows

03-19-12MESSENGER Completes Primary Mission at Mercury, Settles in for Another Year

03-08-12MESSENGER Team Delivers Data From First Full Mercury Solar Day to Planetary Data System

03-08-12Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory: 70 Years of Critical Contributions

03-05-12Solar Probe Plus Moves to Next Design Stage

03-02-12MESSENGER Modifies Orbit to Prepare for Extended Mission

02-28-12APL Hosts ‘Girl Power: Reach for the Sky’

02-20-12Black Engineers Honor APL’s Danielle Hilliard for Community Service

02-03-12Software Enables Efficient Planning of MESSENGER Observations

02-01-12Applied Physics Lab Named One of Baltimore’s ‘Best Places to Work’

APL Celebrates 80 Years of

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