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2011 Press Releases

12-22-11A Christmas Crater on Mercury

12-20-11APL Discovery Gives Advance Warning of Catastrophic Failure in Lithium Ion Batteries

12-20-11Applied Physics Lab Names New Executive for Research and Exploratory Development Business Area

12-16-11MESSENGER Among Discover Magazine’s Top 100 Stories of 2011

12-07-11TIMED Atmospheric Spacecraft Marks 10 Years of Groundbreaking Science

12-07-11APL Wins Bike Friendly Business Award

12-06-11NASA’s Voyager Hits New Region at Solar System Edge

12-05-11NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes Ready for Space Environment Tests

12-05-11MESSENGER Team Presents Latest Mercury Findings at AGU Fall Meeting

11-21-11APL Proposes First Global Orbital Observation Program

11-18-11NASA Orbiter Captures Martian Sand Dunes in Motion

11-18-11MESSENGER Recognized as “Best of What’s New” by Popular Science

11-16-11Scientists Find Evidence for Subsurface ‘Great Lake’ on Europa

11-14-11NASA Extends MESSENGER Mission

11-03-11APL’s Emerging Technology and Innovation Manager to Leverage New, Innovative Technology

11-03-11MESSENGER Mission Design Lead Named American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Fellow

11-02-11NASA Study: On Mars, Water Went Underground

10-26-11Alvin R. Eaton, Aerodynamics Pioneer, Dies at Age 91

10-24-11Fourth Orbit Adjustment Stretches MESSENGER’s Orbit around Mercury

10-19-11NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Detects Comet Storm in Nearby Solar System

10-05-11MESSENGER Team Presents New Mercury Findings at Planetary Conference

10-04-11APL Builds on Earth Science Success with New Hosted Payload Proposal

09-29-11Orbital Observations of Mercury Reveal Flood Lavas, Hollows, and Unprecedented Surface Details

09-27-11MESSENGER Reveals New Details of Planet Mercury

09-08-11MESSENGER Team Delivers First Orbital Data to Planetary Data System

09-07-11MESSENGER Navigates Second Hot Season, Executes Third Orbit-Correction Maneuver

08-17-11APL Planetary Scientist Elected Fellow of Geological Society of America

08-15-11MESSENGER Co-Investigator Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America

08-05-11Space Scientists Seek Returns from JEDI

08-04-11Industry Team Contributes to Precision Tracking Space System Project

08-03-11MESSENGER Marks Seventh Anniversary of Launch

07-27-11MESSENGER Makes Another Successful Orbit Adjustment

07-26-11Johns Hopkins APL ‘Mars Explorers’ Receive NASA Awards

07-21-11APL Names Schatz Head of Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center and Science and Technology Business Area

07-05-11American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Honors MESSENGER Team Leaders

06-22-11MESSENGER Science Team Member Receives NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal

06-16-11MESSENGER Data from Mercury Orbit Confirm Theories, Offer Surprises

06-15-11MESSENGER Adjusts Its Orbit around Mercury

06-15-11NASA’s Voyager Probe Edges Closer to Interstellar Space

06-14-11Johns Hopkins APL to Host International Conference on Low-Cost Planetary Missions

06-13-11MESSENGER Endures Its First Hot Season

06-10-11NASA Releasing New Spacecraft Orbital Views of Mercury

06-02-11Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Prosthetic Control Software to HDT Robotics

05-16-11APL-Built Plasma Detector Launches on Space Shuttle Endeavour; ‘Canary’ is Bound for International Space Station

05-12-11Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Names 2010 Best Inventions: Medical and National Security Breakthroughs Share Top Honors

05-06-11Sailing the Titan Seas: NASA Selects Mission to Saturn’s Moon for Discovery Program Development

05-06-11100 Orbits and Counting

05-03-11Measuring Mercury’s Surface Composition

04-26-11Profiling Polar Craters with the Mercury Laser Altimeter

04-20-11Icy Moon Zaps Saturn with Electron Beams: Hopkins APL Camera Captures Auroral Activity Between Enceladus and Saturn

04-19-11Mercury’s Exosphere: A Brief Overview

04-04-11MESSENGER Kicks Off Yearlong Campaign of Mercury Science

03-29-11MESSENGER Sends Back First Image of Mercury from Orbit

03-28-11NASA to Release MESSENGER’s First Orbital Images Of Mercury

03-21-11Johns Hopkins University Names APL’s Sommerer as Inaugural Gilman Scholar

03-21-11Spacecraft Data Confirm MESSENGER Orbit and Operation

03-17-11MESSENGER Begins Historic Orbit around Mercury

03-17-11Cassini Sees Seasonal Rains Transform Titan’s Surface

03-16-11MESSENGER On Autopilot for Orbit Insertion

03-15-11MESSENGER Primed for Mercury Orbit

03-10-11NASA Media Telecon Previews First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury

03-09-11Some of Mars’ Missing Carbon Dioxide May Be Buried

03-07-11Ten Days from Mercury Orbit Insertion

02-18-11A Solar System Family Portrait, from the Inside Out

02-17-11One Month Until Mercury Orbit Insertion

02-16-11Black Engineers Name APL’s McCrary Top Scientist

02-02-11Cyril J. O’Brien – Oldest Marine War Correspondent – Dies at 92

01-17-11APL Named to Baltimore Magazine’s ‘Best Places To Work’ Hall of Fame

01-12-11Galpin Named Assistant Director for Programs at APL